Who is MasterChef Eray and Where? How old? What's Instagram Address?

Turkey MasterChef 2020 contestant who is Aksungur and Eray from? How old? What is the Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram address? Was he eliminated? It is a detailed biography written about the contestant selected for the main staff.

(You can also access this article as a video biography from Serhat Uzunkök YouTube channel)

Who is Eray Aksungur? Life and Biography

Who is MasterChef Eray? Whence? How old? Information about!

MasterChef Turkey 2020 contest 'first given, the second, who will?' attending he is saying and doused his tarhana, fresh Ihlamurlu perch with the first elimination in chief of the storm in the first 28 qualifying after peaking in the eye blowing Eray Aksungur prepared the most wonderful meal with corn and MasterChef 16 He became the 12th contestant to be selected for the main staff.

So, who is Eray Aksungur, who is among MasterChef's championship candidates? Let's get to know them closely.

Eray Aksungur was born in 1997 in Bolu. He went to primary and secondary school in Sakarya primary school.

He preferred cookery in high school and went to Mengen Culinary High School with big dreams and after his professional education, Mengen High School

He passed in the cooking program and graduated from here.

As a result of his successful education in high school and university, he worked as a cook in many places in Bolu, Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul.

He is currently working as a chief chief in a company in Istanbul.

In fact, Eray Aksungur is not a stranger to screens.

He also participated in the Taste Academy competition, which was previously broadcast on Show TV and Danilo Zanna was a jury, and reached the finals.

However, during the competition, he stated that he always wanted to break this vicious circle as the first in MasterChef, which is why he was always second throughout his life.

With his point of view while cooking, his speed and practical intelligence, he has already managed to win the appreciation of both chefs and the audience.

Cooking is not only his passion for him, but he also loves to eat the food he makes.

Eray Aksungur, whose nickname was Çakır in his close circle, considered himself most successful in fish. .

He also worked in Baklava maker Güllüoğlu and although he was a very talented cook, he had a hard time.

He came to Istanbul with only a backpack and slept on a fishing boat in Küçükyalı the first night because he did not know anyone.

Some days he went to Istanbul from Bolu for one day.

Eray Aksungur, who also uses social media, though not very often, has nearly 5300 followers in his Instagram account as of the time this article was prepared. Of course for now…

Instagram Address https://www.instagram.com/eray_aksungur/

Facebook address https://www.facebook.com/mcbodyeros


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