Who is MasterChef Duygu Acarsoy?

Turkey MasterChef 2020 contestant who is Acarsoy and feelings from? How old? What is YouTube and Instagram address? Detailed information about the second contender to the finals is in our biography article.

Duygu Acarsoy Biography

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Who is Master Chef Duygu?

Duygu Acarsoy Masterchef has become the second name of the 2020 main staff.
Duygu Acarsoy, who graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture and Human Resources in 2008, works as an instructor chef at Alanya Hep University. He is also the production coordinator of a restaurant that produces artisan bread, croissants and desserts in Ankara.

He has been working as a trainer in the industry for 3.5 years. He also served as pastry chef in Bodrum Red Pan. He is 35 years old, from Bursa and participates in the contest.
Of course, the following question may come to your mind immediately. Why does a lecturer who teaches cooking is competing in this competition and cannot cook some dishes.
Let's explain right here.
Duygu Acarsoy received professional pastry and bakery training and trained on sourdough breads in Spain and Germany.
They also have trainings on ice cream and sorbet.
In other words, his specialty is pastry in general. When it comes to food, there is not a single specialty, of course, it is also divided into separate branches.
Duygu Acarsoy has not received professional cooking training. He later tried to get his cooking education free of charge in restaurants.
This is enough to show how hard and determined he is.

The incident that caused him to enter this sector was that the person he married ten years ago had defrauded him in the first week of marriage.
Then she decided to go into the kitchen instead of getting psychological help. Then he started to receive professional training.
Duygu Acarsoy, who sees the kitchen as a therapy, is incredibly happy when he enters the kitchen.
Apart from these, he reads books in his spare time. Dark Fenerbahce. He's a complete animal lover and a cat.

Duygu Acarsoy, who wants to prove that the pastry makers can also win MasterChef, aims to win the grand prize in the competition by reflecting the pastry culture in the best way and by revealing his claim in other concepts.

A YouTube channel does not exist for now.
The Instagram account used by dacarsoy username has 2800 followers as of the moment of writing this article, but this number is expected to increase rapidly with the competition. We wish him success in MasterChef 2020 from here.

Duygu Acarsoy İnstagram Account https://www.instagram.com/dacarsoy/


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