Who is MasterChef 'Berker Basmanav'? Where from? Eyebrow Age? Instagram and YouTube address

 MasterChef Turkey 2020 food competition Berk Ilter after the elimination of the new contestant Berker Başmanav who is, where and how old? What's his height and weight? Facebook, Instagram and YouTube? Detailed biography writing. 42. the episode is about the life story of MasterChef Berker Basmanav, who is involved in the competition.

(If you want, you can also access this article in the form of a video biography on the Serhat Uzunkök YouTube channel)

Who Is MasterChef Berker? How Old Is She? Where from? Instagram and YouTube address
Berker Başmanav, who marked the MasterChef qualification, narrowly missed out on the first place every time, was included in the competition from the reserves and managed to take part in the MasterChef main squad.
Berker Başmanav, 24 years old and originally from Sakarya moated. He joins MasterChef from Istanbul.

In fact, Berker is not a name that is very foreign to the Chief Minister.
She previously appeared as a contestant in the contest titled ‘Ver oven’ which aired on TV8 screens in 2015.
He also participated in ‘the Taste Turkey’ competition in 2019.

Berker Başmanav, a graduate of Hendek Anatolian High School, was an amateur for three years and a professional cook for five years.
After he lost his father, he entered the kitchen at a very young age, because his mother went to work, so he was alone at home.
Berker, who makes boutique cakes at home, was also very supportive of his family.

In 2016, he studied world cuisines at the Academy of Culinary Arts. He is also very expert in pastry and bakery products.
So far, he has had experience in all levels of the food industry, working in many bakeries and restaurants in different parts of the kitchen. He even worked as a busboy.
As time passed, he developed himself and started working as a kitchen chef in the field of pastry and cooking.
He even taught pastry courses in his own house.

MasterChef Berker, which works in many places such as Escale Canyon, Swiss hotel, fashion Boathouse, is currently a consultant chef and
He continues his working life at Gourmet Factory.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube use it, though not very often. As of the time this post was created, 19,600 followers on his Instagram account,
His YouTube account has 343 subscribers. For now, of course.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/berkerbasmanav/

YouTube address https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZYGmNfp5HsR2ci6rc2VhEQ/


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