Who is MasterChef Ayyüce Kamit?

 Who is MasterChef Ayyüce Kamit? Is it eliminated? Did he win? How old? Whence? What is Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube address? Who is Ayyüce Kamit? It is the article containing information about his biography and.

(You can also access this article as a video biography from Serhat Uzunkök YouTube channel)

Who is Ayyüce Kamit and Where is it from?

Ayyüce Kamit is 24 years old and originally from Sakarya - Geyveli. Ayyüce, who participated in the competition from Istanbul, has been a cook for four years.

Saying that she likes working and learning from people, Ayyüce Kamit because she thinks they can carry her to better and further.

MasterChef Turkey has decided to participate in the 2020 contest.

In the first round, Danilo chef, Mehmet chef and Somer from the Chief yes after he received a vote in to be great expectations from him but confidently faster and the extract was warned that it should be safe and eventually Ayyuce Carnitine through their opponents MasterChef Turkey was elected to the 16-person main cast of the 2020 contest It became the 5th name.

So who is Ayyüce Kamit?

Let's get to know him better.

Ayyüce Kamit studied at the Culinary Arts Academy in Istanbul in 2016.

After completing his education here, he worked in the restaurant named "360 Istanbul" for 1 year.

He also worked at D-Resort Grand Azur for a while.

Later, he met Aylin Yazıcıoğlu, one of the important names of gastronomy, and worked as a pastry chef for 2 years in his restaurant Nicole restaurant.

He continued his business life.

Stating that they received an award on behalf of Nicole in France as the only Turkish Restaurant to be included in the La List, Ayyüce Kamit with the support of her close circle afterwards

MasterChef Turkey has decided to participate in the program. Those who are currently watching the competition express on social media that they find themselves sympathetic and

MasterChef's sweetest daughter, Ay, has been adopted as a girl.

The local press in his hometown is also making their news to support him.

By the way, there was an issue about not helping Emel while he was elected to the main staff. Emel claimed that someone progressed in the competition with help.

MasterChef Ayyüce responded to this by making a statement on his social media account. In addition, Emel confirmed what happened on his social media account.

Ayyüce actively uses social media and as of the moment this article was prepared, he has 11.800 followers on his Instagram account, 487 followers on his Twitter account and 207 subscribers on his YouTube account. Of course for now.

Ayyüce Kamit Twitter https://twitter.com/KamitAyyuce

Ayyüce Kamit İnstagram https://www.instagram.com/ayyucekamit/

Ayyüce Kamit YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX6xajO8WDmPKBcb-I_PKPg


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