Who is Erkan Davulcu? Biography

Who is Erkan Davulcu who has managed to appeal to a large audience with the videos he currently publishes on YouTube, where and how old is he? What is the Instagram address? Where is the village? What is the YouTube and Facebook address? Details in our biography article. The life and unknowns of Erkan Davulcu.


Erkan Davulcu lives in Bük Karşı Village of Taşköprü district of Kastamonu province. 36 years old. His nickname is Gamaz Erkan.
With his videos, he contributes to the promotion of both his village and the district of Taşköprü. It promotes its village and district with video and photo shoots.

A video shared by Erkan Davulcu on Youtube gets approximately 2 million views on average.
As of the time of this writing, there are 361 thousand followers.
Since it opened the channel, the total watched videos have reached 270 million in this period.
He has published thousands of videos on this road that he started with the slogan 'Life is beautiful as you share it'. He shares his videos as a vlog.

Erkan Davulcu is married and father of two children, who made videos of his mother Şadiye Davulcu and the work done by the villagers, made videos and shared them on YouTube and watched by millions in a short time.
Erkan Davulcu, who is 36 years old and has 80% disability, started shooting with a camera he bought with difficulties in 2010.
He tried to reflect the naturalness, village life and lifestyle of his village with his shots. Afterwards, he started to shoot local dishes made by his mother and these videos also attracted great attention.
There is now a large audience following him from abroad.
Summer holidays in the coming months citizens abroad to Turkey come to visit the village to Erkan drummer.
It does not neglect to show the beauty of its village and the beauty of its district to its guests coming from abroad.
Welcoming its guests in the best way they can, they serve the local dishes of Kastamonu.

Although mostly YouTube videos are watched, the photo love inside is very big.
His biggest dream is to open a painting exhibition with the most special photographs he has taken since 2010. He has taken 110 thousand photos and 3000 videos to date.
It still continues to publish videos and take photos today.

Erkan Davulcu, who has an Instagram and Facebook page, currently has over 10 thousand followers on Instagram. There are also quite positive comments about him in Ekşi Sözlük.

We wish patience to Erkan Davulcu and his family, who recently lost his uncle Hasan.

Erkan Davulcu Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/kamazerkan/

Erkan Davulcu Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gamazerkan/

Erkan Davulcu YouTube channel address https://www.youtube.com/user/erkanimage


  1. Great Guy! Wonderful Family! Sensational Videos on YouTube! Congratulions!!!

  2. Great videos of such a happy family. Enjoy your Mama's cooking😘

  3. Just Love these videos of your family,

  4. What a wonderful man, helps everyone in the family by taking them shopping & new places. He gives so much. Hope he has limits on giving or even fixing kitchens and areas of living for all. Great man.🤩

  5. I love the videos! Watch them everyday! Wonderful family!
    I would love to see English captions, so I can enjoy the conversations!

    1. Me too, put it out in English please

  6. Love your mom's and wife's cooking.

  7. I want your mom‘s soup recipe

  8. Please Please forgive me.for the negative things ive said. In America ive seen men sit on back side. While women work like a man. You are blessed. The lord has given you the best possible place with people who love you. Im disabled myself. But you look so happy and healthy. You are surely blessed. Your family is given the strength by a upper being.god bless you and all these wonderful people and family and you come in contact with daily. The men who is around most of tme i hope the lord above blesses them all thru life.god bless you. I love to see the country and village in you land.keep posting. And blessing on your shoulder


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