Who is Cansu Tuman? (Feride) How Old Is It And Where Is It? What Is His Height, Weight And Sign?

 Cansu Tuman, (Feride) The New Lead Actor In The Series Vow, Who Is From Where? How Old Is She?

Channel 7 screens aired in the series of Oath Özge Yağız'ın instead of Gökberk Demirci who will share the lead role with the new actor of the series Cansu Tuman who is from where? How old is the new Reyhan character? What's his height and weight? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Which of the serials and films he's played so far? Vow sequence 3. season 1. as of division ( 246. Episode) The Unknown Life of Cansu Tuman, who is among the cast featured in the series. All details are in our biography article on our series analysis site.

(You can also find this biography in the form of a video biography on Serhat Uzunkök YouTube channel)

Who's The New Reyhan?

Özge Yağız had left the series in the beloved daily series Oath which aired on Channel 7 screens. As Partner of Gökberk Demirci
a new female lead was being sought. The search continued for a long time. Many people have been interviewed. It was even announced that an agreement had been reached with almost one name. This name was said to be Ilayda Altuntas, but this name was later abandoned.

Claims were made that the production company changed its female lead actress because viewers thought the name would not be compatible with Gökberk Demirci. After all this, the female lead of the oath series has now been confirmed. Cansu Tuman joined the cast of the series, where Serkan Mut and Yasemin Turkmenli sat in the director's chair, as the new female lead actor. So who is Cansu Tuman let's get to know him closely.

Who Is Cansu Tuman? Where from? How Old Is She? What's His Height And Weight? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?
Born in 1994 in Istanbul, Cansu Tuman is educated at Istanbul Kültür University.
Cansu Tuman studied basic and advanced acting at the Osman Yağmurdereli Academy of Arts and worked as a molecular biologist before starting acting.

Cansu Tuman, who first starred in the TV series back alleys in 2015 and then in the TV series Love For Rent, became famous by portraying Arzu's youth in the TV series Petty murders in 2017.

In 2019, Cansu Tuman also starred in the motion picture can't be real.
Cansu Tuman, who portrays the character of student Merve in the teacher series, which finally makes the season finale and will continue in the new season
She was separated from the teacher series when she became the lead role in the oath series.
She started the series as the babysitter of Emir and Reyhan's baby in the oath series at this time.

Although he does not use social media very often, as of the moment this article was prepared, his official Instagram account has 21,300 followers.
However, this number is expected to reach 100 thousand within a short period of time with the series of vows.

Let's also give the classic information that is curious to be an actor. Cansu Tuman lives in Istanbul. He Is Originally From Edirne.
He is 1.68 tall and 52 pounds.

The player who loves animals has a very beloved Siberian wolf dog. In his spare time he is interested in sports such as karate, boxing.

What do you think the New Female Lead Actor Cansu Tuman and Gökberk Demirci will be like?
You can make your comments under our article. We wish Cansu Tuman good luck with his new series.

İnstagram https://www.instagram.com/cansutuman/


  1. She is adorable. Emir and Feride will rock. Their pairing will lead to.new.heights. her character is very well crafted in unlike rehana character. Feride is strong and very expressive when she is upset. We love her. Emir is our sweetheart.

  2. La verdad no me gusta como actriz Cansun Tuman. No tiene nada de química con Gokberk Demirci. Perdió toda magia Yemin.

  3. No me agrada para nada no hace pareja con Gockbert

  4. Best and beautiful its only words to this women

  5. You are the best Cansu Tuman as Feride and beautiful i want to see forever in Yemin


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