Who is YouTuber Emre Durmuş? Biography

Who Is YouTuber Emre Durmuş? How did he become famous?

In this article we will talk about YouTuber Emre Durmuş. Since when does he travel and how many countries has he toured to date? How much money does he make from his work? We'll talk about how old he is and where he's from. Let's just begin.

Emre Durmuş was born in 1993 in Hatay city. He has 2 siblings. Her weight is 60 and her height is 1.75. His team is Galatasaray.

The electronics engineering graduate has also frozen his education at Kemerburgaz University.

Emre started to travel the world in 2014 and continued his teaching life in Istanbul. Emre Durmuş, who studied engineering in Istanbul, decided to open up to the world by freezing his school and selling everything he had to pursue his dreams.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is this. How did his family react to this situation? He stated on his own blog that his family supports this situation.
The youngster, who hitchhiked to show that there is no need for big money to travel the world, started writing about all the experiences he gained from these trips on a blog site he opened. His blog is called Road Diaries.

But with the explosion of YouTube, he opened a YouTube channel, where he began offering sections from his trips. Yağmur Arat, who was a traveler like himself for a period, was his lover and they shot sightseeing videos together.
Now, as of the date this article was prepared, a traveling YouTuber with a Travel Channel with 1 million 650 thousand subscribers and whose videos reach 203 million total views!

He's toured more than 160 countries so far.

Emre Durmuş went from Pulpit cliffs in Norway to a village in Japan, from Varanasi in India to the Amazons in Latin America.

And does Emre Durmuş make money from his actions?

Emre Durmuş says in every video he has guest that he didn't start this job to make money. At first, Emre made money with Adsense on his blog, which was a blog site where he wrote about his experiences on trips. Now it appeals to millions thanks to YouTube. YouTube revenues are dollar-based through the agency and Emre's videos are viewed in millions because the average YouTube revenue is between 20-40 thousand TL
we can say he's changed. But it also makes gains with the brands that sponsor its videos. This allows him to stay in better places on his trips and go to better areas.

But a lot has happened to him since it got to this point. When he was about to go on his first trip, he saved up for the trip, but he was robbed before he could get on the road. All his money's gone. That didn't make him give up and move on. How can I travel without money? Or when I was trying to answer the questions about how to make money on the trip, he saw that there were many alternatives.

He claims to have made the World Tour he performed almost without money.He usually hitchhiks his way around.
She stays in people's homes using Couchsurfing, sleeps outside in parks, beaches, restaurants if she can't find it, and enjoys herself, though this is difficult.

He's made money by taking pictures many times, making money by making bubbles, selling wristbands.
He worked in hotels and restaurants for a short time and got himself a budget. The greatest in his travel is to be happy and satisfy his curiosity. But bad things have happened to him in the countries he has traveled.His phone, which I just bought in Malaysia, was stolen.
He's upset because his photos and videos are all in the phone.

Then he wanted to go back to Singapore and spend time with his friends and pack up and move on. But as planned happened.
When he arrived at the border, Singapore questioned him for 6 hours because of his Turkish passport.

He's been in much bigger trouble this past year. YouTuber went to the Super Cup match in Istanbul where he went crazy or what jumped on the field. As a result of this, he was detained and the resulting decision imposed a ban on him going abroad. However, the ban was later lifted.


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