Who İs Taygun Sungar? Bay Yanlis Soner

Who's Mr. Wrong Soner? Who is Taygun Sungar and where is he from? What's his age, height and weight? What is his sign? Which ones did he play? Detailed information in our biography article…

Taygun Sungar Biography
Taygun Sungar was born in Ankara on 9 December 1989.
He completed primary and secondary school in Ankara - Beytepe.
He studied High School in Kayseri between 2003 and 2006.
The famous name who became interested in acting at an early age met the theatre during his primary school years.
After finishing high school, he returned to Ankara and decided definitively that the profession he wanted to do was acting.
After studying acting in 2001, she starred in the play ‘bum Gönül’ directed by Burak Sergen at the Ankara State Theatre.
His brother, who is interested in art like himself, entered the Hacettepe University State Conservatory and his interest in acting increased even more.
and with that zeal, he won the Acting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dokuz September University in 2007.

TV Series Starring Taygun Sungar

The famous name who has played in many theatre plays to date has stepped into the series sector with supporting roles in such series as Çiçek taxi, sister share.
Her recognition began to increase after she appeared in the series My Father and his family in 2016.
When he played the character Ali in the TV series Shepherd star in 2017, he was able to garner audience appreciation with his acting.

Taygun Sungar, What Is His Height And Weight?

In 2020, the actor who gave life to the Soner outstanding character in the series Mr. Wrong, which aired on FOX screens, is Sagittarius. He is 1.82 cm tall and 76 pounds.

Taygun Sungar İnstagram

Taygun Sungar İnstagram'ı

Taygun Sungar, who works with the’ Blacklistt ' agency, has nearly 19 thousand followers on her Instagram account at the time this article was prepared.


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