Who is Survivor Panorama presenter Ihsan Tarkan? Biography

İhsan Tarkan kim

Who is Ihsan Tarkan and how old is he? We're at dinner, and what's his role in the Survivor Program? Does he have a production company?

Ihsan Tarkan was born in 1980 in Sakaria. He attended high school at Imam Hatip High School. He is a graduate of Marmara University Sports Academy.
He also graduated from Anadolu University Business Administration Department.

Ihsan Tarkan, who has been a sports trainer at Mayadrom Sports Center in Etiler, Istanbul for a long time, is the first of the screen lovers? he recognized it with his competition.

Ihsan Tarkan, who is also referred to as the coach of celebrities in the world of sports, is in the last two boxes in the Var or Yok do you have 100,000 and 500,000 left
He rejected Hamdi Bey's offer of 220 thousand pounds and went to his box.
The box is 100,000 pounds. With this courage, he also attracted attention in the competition.

Ihsan Tarkan also participated in Survivor in 2010 and was runner-up in the competition.

Besiktas football team and volleyball with the famous name is very good between a period of stolen identity because of the very difficult days spent. He had to deal with many cases because of 4 separate crimes he did not commit.

Today, he is also on the agenda with his comments about the competition in the Survivor Panorama programme, which is broadcast on TV8 and 8.5 screens.

The famous name who recently turned to the organisation business at Promere produksiyon is MasterChef, we are at dinner and the names who will take part in the Survivor contest
he is on the determining team. It contributes to the preparation of many programmes broadcast on Tv 8 in the background. That's why their shares on her Instagram account are brimming with comments from people who want to take part in the contests. As of the time this post was prepared, his official Instagram account has 89,000 followers.


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