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Who is Suat Sungur, the master actor who gave life to the character Ünal Yilmaz in Mr. false Series and where is he from? How old is she? What is his height, weight and sign? What are the serials and films he has played so far? Details are in our current biography post.

Suat Sungur Hayatı

Suat Sungur Biography-Who Is And Where Is He From?
Suat Sungur is a master who has spent many years in theatre and acting, but is also a humble figure.
1997 Afife Jale Theatre Awards “Kare As” for his role in the theatre play Best Comedy Actor of the Year selected famous actor,
He appeared in many theatres, series and films during his career, which lasted nearly 41 years.
The famous actress was born in the Çıvril District of Denizli on 1 March 1961. He is originally from Denizli.

Theatre Plays Starring Suat Sungur

Suat Sungur, who worked on the foundation of Izmir Youth Theatre in 1979,
In 1981, he entered the Theatre Department of the Istanbul University State Konsevatuarı.
In 1984, he joined The Ostrich Cabaret Theatre Troupe, where he worked for 4 years.
In 1988, he moved to the Dormen Theatre and acted in that institution until it closed in 2001.
He also acted in Theaterkare, Theater cat, theater Çisenti.
Since 1985, she has played in many children's plays at Akbank children's Theatre.

She started acting in front of the camera with the film Kaptan, which premiered in 1984, starring Orhan Gencebay and Hülya Avşar.
And a 41-year continues.
His most important role, which made him a name known to all of Turkey, continued for 7 seasons on television.
She is the character Avni, whom she portrayed during the first 5 seasons in the series” My Magic mother".

The veteran actor, who has recently played in the conjoined brothers and father's jacket Motion Pictures, married Ahu Sungur, who is also an actress as herself, in 2002, and the couple have a son.
The couple managed to become one of the rare families that achieved happiness in the art community with their happy marriage lasting almost 17 years.

Finally, aired on Fox screens, Mr. Wrong series Ünal Yılmaz character portraying the player who is curious about the following classic information let's.

What Is His Sign, Height And Weight?

He's a Pisces. He is 1.75 tall and 85 pounds. Although not very often, the successful player who uses Instagram has close to 22 thousand followers on his official Instagram account as of the moment this article was prepared.

Suat Sungur İnstagram'ı


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