Who is Sinasi Yurtsever? Life With Unknowns

How did Sinasi Yurtsever become an actor? What series and films has he appeared in to date? How old is she? Where Are They from? What is his height, weight and sign? The answer to all these questions is in our biography article.

Şinasi Yurtsever, who has been cited by many critics as one of the funniest men in Turkey, was born in Erzincan on 23 May 1977. Originally From Erzincan. He's a Gemini. He is 1.78 tall and 80 pounds.While studying in the sociology department, she decided to drop out of this department and take the exams and become an actress. She graduated from Dokuz September University, Izmir, Department of theatre acting.

She came to Istanbul in 1996 and had a hard time before she started acting and worked in different jobs.
Şinasi Yurtsever, a successful actor who said in a statement that I became famous after the age of 40, has actually been involved in many projects so far.
She had her first acting experience in front of the cameras with no other Istanbul series.

He became known for his character Selçuk in the series Küçük Igbo, which aired between 1997 and 2000. He then starred in several television series such as snake story, Henna snow, European side, Stranger groom, if I were a cloud, and love and Punishment.
He had his first cinema experience with the character Basri in the 2003 film coin Tura.
She then starred in the motion pictures you are the woman of my life, the juggler and Little Apocalypse.
In 2011, he portrayed the role of the shipper in the film The Hook.
He gained great fame with the character of producer right in the series jobs powers, which began in 2012.
She played the character Yilmaz in the 2013 film Wedding Association.
When she played the character Hilmi in the series “Sister share”, which started in 2014, she garnered the appreciation of all Turkey with her acting.
In 2014, he co-starred with Buşra Pekin, Murat Boz, Cezmi dominant, Şinasi Yurtsever in the motion picture “Hadi Inshallah”, which was inspired by the books of internet phenomenon pucca's Little Fool's Big World, Allah created me like this and Ay Hadi Inshallah.
In 2014, he wrote “it happens it happens! he co-starred with Ayten Uncuoğlu, Alper Kul, Mehmet Özgür, and Aylin Kontente in the motion picture".
In 2015, he co-starred with Ahmet Kural, Murat Cemcir, Rasim Öztekin in the motion picture “wedding Association 2: Sunnat” produced by Necati Akpinar.
Broad Family 2:all kinds in 2016
In 2017, the two of us, Four Corners,my companion,
In 2018, she starred in the tangle films.
In 2019, she appeared in the TV series dengi dengine.
He recently presented the legendary family and First Date programs with Sinan Çalışkanoğlu.
He is currently giving life to the character of hijabi in the series Tutunamayanlar, which is broadcast on trt1 screens.

The successful player who frequently uses Instagram has 95,400 followers on his official Instagram account as of the time this article was prepared.


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