Who Is Serdar Savaş From Where?

Serdar War biography

Serdar Savaş was born in Ankara in 1960 and is originally from Adana.
He completed his primary and secondary education in Ceyhan and Adana.
He did his high school education as a boarder at Kabataş Boys High School.
He then graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.
After working as a medical doctor in Diyarbakir and Adana for a while, he became the Provincial Health Director of Adana at the age of 26.
It is said that he reduced the number of malaria patients in Adana from 80 thousand to 4 thousand during the Directorate period.
At the age of 28, he was appointed as a consultant for the Ministry of Health.
At the age of 31, he became Turkey's youngest undersecretary.
In 1993-2000, he worked abroad as a programme manager for health policies and systems at the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization,
He held the positions of European Programme Director and European Vice-President.
Dr. Serdar Savaş returned to Turkey again in 2000.
He was elected to the party assembly of the Democratic Left party in 2004.
From 2009-2011, he was the DSP's vice president for Policy Development,Foreign Affairs, and R & D.
He founded United Health Systems, Advanced Medical Technologies and the GENAR Institute. War,
He is a member of the Executive Board of the European Community Health Genomology Network and a policy development coordinator.
Dr. Who knows fluent English and German Serdar Savaş has received many national and international awards, State insignia has works published in several languages.
Serdar Savaş, who has been actively using social media recently, has 115 thousand followers on his Instagram account as of the moment this video was taken.
There is also a YouTube channel owned by him. He often shares informative videos from his social media accounts, and it broadcasts live.


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