Who İs Sebile Ölmez?

Who is Fountain Not Dead and where is he from? How old is he, What is his height and sign? What are the number of Instagram and YouTube followers? Is there still a blog site? The details are in our biography post. Here are some to wonder about your famous name.

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Who Is Fountain Not Dead And Where Is He From?
Sebile Ölmez, known by his nickname Sebibebi, was born in Istanbul on 21 November 1974. Originally From Erzurum. She has 2 older sisters.
At the age of 22, he graduated from Anadolu University's Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1996.
After graduation, he started his career with the sales and Marketing Department of many corporate firms.
He then decided to enter the world of cinema, television and worked in Pana Film between 2005 and 2013.
Here he worked with many famous people. He served as a makeup artist in films.
He worked as a manager and production coordinator in the cinema and TV industry for 10 years.

How Did He Become Famous?
Sebile Ölmez always dreamed of achieving great success with a sector where he could use his hand skills.
She eventually developed herself in the field of personal care, sharing her experience in makeup in the internet industry.

He opened his first blog in 2011 at a time when the world of social media was new and growing rapidly.
He opened the YouTube channel he currently uses on November 4, 2006. He is now using the name Sebile Ölmez, but when he first opened it he was using the name sebibebi.
He gave this name to the channel because he called himself sebi or bebi by shortening his mother's name.
In 2013, he activated the blogger website called sebibebi. Is still open. Blog, Beauty, makeup, Care, Hair, Health, shopping, cosmetics, fashion, style, DIY, Do It Yourself, and share articles and videos on topics such as skin continues.

Scorpio, 1.73 tall. She is married to Emre Ölmez.
From this marriage he has a daughter named Venus.
As of the moment this article was prepared, his Instagram account has 461 thousand followers and his YouTube channel has more than 1 million subscribers.
In addition, the total number of views of his videos on Youtube channel is 209 million. The famous name, which soon won Youtube's first award, the Silver Play button, has inspired many who want to step onto social media. The videos she shared were mostly about Machiavellian, skincare, health and fashion.

She wrote a column about beauty in the evening newspaper and was a guest on many programs.
World's first beauty promise, prepared in collaboration with Fellas in 2017,
“Beauty Bar by Sebile Ölmez”, an all-natural and unadulterated healthy snack, is on sale.
Ayruca Sebile Ölmez is also the owner of the so Fly Cosmetics brand.


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