Who is Onur Dilber? Biography

Who's the Lady of Honor? How old is Lieutenant Reza and where is he from? What series and films has he appeared in to date? His biography of the unknown.

Onur Dilber was born in Araklı in Trabzon on January 1, 1982 and is from Trabzon. Capricorn. He studied his primary and secondary schools in Trabzon.
She graduated from Çukurova University Conservatory Theater and acting Department. After graduating from there, she earned a master's degree in advanced acting at Golden Horn University. He also trained in mining engineering but left without completing this division.

She is single. Fanatik trabzonsporlu. He loves to read,write and listen to poetry. She also has a beautiful voice and sometimes sings.

He has acted in many theatres to date.
Duru took part in the Checkmate improvisational show group within the theatre.

5 cities, Kamil Insan, Oflu teacher's password, living beautiful thing, duty holiday, Kapan, Dert Bende starred in motion pictures.

He gave life to the character Cevdet in the keyboard Boys series. Storm, Hayat apartment, my mother is an angel, my Daisy has found a place in the soap operas. In the Eighties series, which aired on TRT 1 channel, the character of commissar Riza made his first appearance in front of the camera and made his biggest debut with the character of Superintendent Riza. Enjoy yourself on the map, Selahattin. RIV RIV making lyrics like Selahattin and the Black Sea dialect he used in the series was in everyone's mind.
She continues to act in the Eighties series, which was remade today.


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