Who İs Muammer Ketenci?

Who Is Muammer Ketenci And Where Is He Originally From?

Muammer Ketenci

The famous fashion designer Muammer Ketenci, who was born in Istanbul on March 16, 1965 and is a Balik, is actually named after Ustubicioğulları.
Her grandmother's maiden name is Ketenci, and Muammer Ketenci, who went to üstübicoğulları as a bride, is her grandmother's maiden name to create the brand.
he used his last name.
After completing his primary, secondary and high school education, he studied design and fashion in Europe.
Originally from Trabzon Akçaabat, Muammer Ketenci worked with the jewelry design and accessories business for more than 30 years and then made the transition to the textile sector.
Today, he still gives seminars in various parts of our country and universities.
The clothes he designs are also preferred by world famous names.

Muammer Ketenci, who has worked with many celebrities abroad and in Turkey, is the most important and resonating work in the world, and is the bustier designed by the famous American singer Beyonce for the album cover of Crazy In Love.
In addition to haute couture designs, Muammer Ketenci has released concept products consisting of special design models that the public can easily buy and use under its own trademark.
In addition, in cooperation with the American University of Kyrenia, Muammer Ketenci founded the academy, where students who are interested in the fashion sector and want to be designers are trained. In 2017, he suffered a heart attack and had by-pass surgery.

The famous fashion designer who frequently uses Instagram has close to 100 thousand followers on his account as of the moment this article was prepared.
www.muammerketenci.com is the address of his personal website. The fashion house and Design Center is located in Nişantaşı, Istanbul.
Married and father of two children, Muammer Ketenci still continues his active working life today.


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