Who is Merve Bulut? What's His Height And Weight? Biography

Who is Merve Bulut and where is she from? What is his age, sign, weight and height? Which Series, Films and projects has he appeared in to date?

Merve Bulut was born on October 12, 1998 in Kocaeli.He is 1.72 tall and 60 pounds.

She had her first series acting experience in 2012 with the series titled The Abyss.
In 2014, she played the character of Garson Emine in the film one small September issue, a motion picture.
In 2015 he played the role of Hamiş in the series Maral which aired on Tv8 along with Hazal Kaya and Aras Bulut Iynemli.
In 2017, she portrayed the role of Mother Of Pearl in the series Black Writing.
In this series, Haluk Bilginer Emre Kınay Zeynep çamci with names such as taking part in the same project was quite a development in terms of his career
Unfortunately, however, the series was short-lived and was removed from publication.Moreover, this series belongs to a series that was so ambitious and a juke box with a radio in karayazi name was set up. It was the first time in Turkey that there had been a series of radio black writing. Nevertheless, Merve cloud continued to work with perseverance. In the same year, Star TV also aired stars shahidim gave life to the character of coral in the series.
Apart from the series, in 2018 the theatre was also featured in the play fatal playground wounds.

He recently gave life to the character Gulin in the series Miracle Doctor, which aired on Fox Tv screens.

Merve Bulut managed to become an actress that everyone is curious about these days with both her acting and her cute moves.

Merve Bulut, who plays a highly sympathetic role in the miracle doctor series, is active on social media. She has more than 95 thousand followers on Instagram at the time of this post, and continues to be in the limelight, especially with her pictures showing her love of animals.


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