Who is Kahraman Sivri? Biography

Kahraman Sivri was born in Beyoğlu, Istanbul on April 24, 1968 and was born and raised in Istanbul. He is married to Yasemin Koker spikes.

The artist,who has ten talents in ten fingers, is a theatre, TV series and film actor.
He is also a voice actor,acting instructor and director. He frequently appears in commercials as well.

She first started acting through drama courses she went to on weekends to socialize.He studied at the conservatory. He then began to appear in theatre plays. Since then,more than 30 years have passed in his professional life, he has appeared in dozens of series and films, and he now provides front-of-camera acting training to those who want to be actors.

To date, Deli Yürek,Acacia stop, Poplar Yelleri, doctors, back alleys, Valley Of The Wolves, bread boat, Sweet Life, My Love My Love, nanny, we are together even if we leave, Çiçek Taxi has been featured as an actor in many series that mark the history of Turkish TV series.

He has also appeared in many motion pictures such as lie Dolan, Abdulhamid fall, we will see good days, alas, my Lion piece.

By the way, there are two interesting facts about him. Let's tell them right away.

Kahraman pointed received a customs brokerage certificate in 1993 and served as a customs brokerage assistant for 12 years.
One eye is blue and the other is Yesil.


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