Who is Kadir Ezildi? Cleaning Is My Job Server

Cleaning Is My Job Presenter Kadir Ezil Who Is From And Where?

Fox TV screens interesting contest program cleaning my job contest program host Kadir crushed is intrigued by the sympathetic demeanor.
Who is Kadir crushed? Is he really obsessed with cleaning? How old is he, Where Is he from? We will share information about his family with you in this article.

Let's get right to it. Kadir Ezildi, a social media phenomenon, was born in Bakırköy, Istanbul in 1995.

Kadir, who cleans the bottom corner three days a week apart from his mother Ümran Hanım at home, was crushed by a different man who even harassed his mother at home with his meticulousness and his fondness for cleaning.

Kadir was crushed by his mother and Konyali by his father from Bayburt.
Kadir Ezildi lives in Maltepe, Istanbul with his mother Ümran Kaplan and his brother Kerem Ezildi.

The obsessive cleansing disease Kadir Ezildi does not refer to this condition as a disease.It is cheered when cleaning. His mother, however, is a little troubled by this.

She doesn't like going out, just enjoying tea on the balcony.junkie. He loves enjoying tea on the balcony. Tea is essential to your life.

He was originally working as a warehouse manager at a private hospital in Istanbul, but quit his job when he started presenting the cleaning my job program on Fox Tv screens.

After the separation of his parents in 2010, Kadir said that cleaning sickness began to crush the bottom corner is cleaning all sides.
Because of the cleaning sickness, she is afraid to accept guests to her house crushed when she thinks about the cleaning she will do after the guest has left, so she can't focus on the guest.

He spends all his money on cleaning supplies. She doesn't even want to cook so she doesn't get dishes, and she likes to walk around the grocery store most in the cleaning department. He's not married, and he doesn't have a girlfriend. He caps on social media users saying ‘is this what you marry, the hangover will put you in bleach’.

Kadir Ezildi has 1 million 700 thousand followers on his Instagram account and over 90 thousand subscribers on his Youtube account.
In his videos, he sings occasional impromptu maniacs. The videos she shares, especially from her real life, are addictive in humans. When you watch it, it's like watching your favorite sitcom.


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