Who Is John Mark Somers? Sen Çal Kapımı Alptekin

ahmet mark somers

Who is Ahmet Mark Somers who portrays the character Alptekin Bolat in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı aired on FOX TV screens? Which has appeared in serials and films to date. What's the Instagram address? What is his age, height and weight?

Who Is John Mark Somers?
Actor and director Ahmet Mark Somers was born in Izmir in 1959. He is 1.73 tall and 59 pounds. The player who actively uses Instagram has 51,300 followers as of the moment this article was prepared. He has appeared in many theatres, series and films to date.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/ahmetmarksomers/

He completed his primary school, secondary school, high school and university education in Izmir.
1985 June September undergraduate education Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts Performing Arts Department Theatre –
He finished by finishing the acting Department.
During undergraduate education, children's Theatre, Children's Theatre, Theatre pedagogy, puppet making, puppet acting,
He received training in creative Drama, pantomime, Slapstik (clumsiness), fencing, body language, shadow theatre, acrobatics.
The year he graduated, he started working in the children and youth unit of the Ankara State Theatre.
He received Clown, Slapstic, Jongleur, pantomime training from Daniel Holliger of the Coque School at the State Theatre's children and Youth Unit.
He has worked in Ankara, Bursa and Istanbul State theatres for a total of 29 years.
Gestalt-Yu – Ki – Grotovski-Suzuki did research work on voice and acting techniques.

While abroad (in Stuttgart), he performed the compilation and regime of the village play “Madimak”, preserving its authentic features. At the same time, he conducted workshops in accordance with his own method and technique of acting. He taught diction, Drama and dramatization, a method of Education, for three years at the Faculty of education of Uludag University. He worked as a lecturer at Uludag University, as well as the University's Theatre Troupe for four years. He also taught diction, Body Language, leadership in many institutions and organizations. He was a board member and artistic director for three years at tobav. He conducted many artistic organizations of tobav. Müjdat Gezen Art Center, acting, techniques, creative Drama, drama history courses and this institution's General Director of Schools, general artistic director was for two years. He has been the general artistic director of the Renault (reno) Theatre Society (Teator) for five years (since its inception). He was an actor and director in plays in state theatres. He also conducted workshops in Universities, Institutions and organizations on the subjects of acting-creative drama and regime techniques.

Directorship (Reji) works performed at home and abroad, in private theatres and in state theatres:
Dancing Donkey

Chekhov Collage

Pick Yourself A Star



The Old Man Who Distributes Happiness

You Name It

Who's Who In The Palace

Come On, Run To Your Wife.


The Battle That Gave Birth To Horses

Alibaba and the Forty Thieves

Come On, Kill Me, Sweetheart.


Keşanlı Ali Saga

Funny Money

Human Landscapes From My Hometown

Some of the games in which he acted as a player;
Clowns School

Long Live The Theatre

Long Live The Rainbow

Sycamore Dede and Linden Granny

Variegated Umbrella

For The Sake Of A Crescent Moon

Second Act Of War Will Be Released

Caucasian Chalk Department


Man With Lenin Tattooed On His Chest


Fermanli Deli Nibs

Mashhad-I IBAT


Fehim Pasha Mansion

Animal Farm

Ashanbeyi Opera


Witch Cauldron


Lord Hamlet


Dear Doctor

A Tale Of Ephesus

Zilli Zarife



The Far-Fetched Physician

Top Scorer Sait Hop Sait


Mad Feast


Sarıpınar 1914

Kuzguncuklu Virtue

Pasha Pasha Theatre


Starring advertising films;
Meat Tabloid Chocolate

Meat Ball Cake

Smail Adsl

Anatolian Life

Ülker T-Max


Starring series of films and Motion Pictures;
Dost hands (TV series)
Yesterday to Tomorrow (TV series)
Burn cocoon (TV series) show TV
Class (TV series) Show TV
Blue Bird (TV movie)
The governor (Motion Picture))
House (Motion Picture))
The Last Station (TV movie))
Htr2b conversion (Motion Picture)

Wolf's Law (TV series)
Detour (TV series) TRT
Love Game (Motion Picture))
I loved her so much (TV series) ATV
Hardworking (TV series) Channel D
ATV (TV series)
Impact (Motion Picture))
Yesil Deniz (TV series)
Bank of Broken Hearts (Motion Picture))


Bank Of Broken Hearts

Payitaht Abdulhamid (TV series) TRT1

Bandit will not reign over the World (TV series) ATV

Those who did not live

A Quart Of Tears

Early Bird (TV series) Star TV

You knock on my door (TV series) FOX TV


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