Who İs Işıl Reçber? Kuaförüm Sensin Jury

İşil Recber kimdir

You're my hairstylist, whose jury is Işıl Reçber and where is she from? What is his age and sign? What's his height and weight? Married? Full details are in our biography post.

Who Is Işıl Jam?
Işıl Reçber was born in Gaziantep on 5 October 1977. He is originally from Gaziantep. The father of the famous name, whose family is of Albanian origin, is engaged in trade.

At age 5, he learned to read and write without going to school. With the help of his mother, who graduated in Turkish language and literature, he received degrees throughout his school life.
He was on the basketball team during his college years. Then he started playing tennis.

Reçber spent his youth years with his family in Antalya and met his wife, former goalkeeper Rüştü Reçber, in Antalya.
ISIL Reçber, who met Antalyaspor goalkeeper Rüştü Reçber of the period, is engaged in fashion.
After meeting Rüştü Reçber, they were crowned together by marriage in 1997.
The couple has 2 children, one of whom is a girl and one of whom is a boy. With their long-standing marriage, the couple has been an exemplary family in the celebrity community.

Interested in fashion, Işıl Reçber founded a perfume brand that it bears its own name. At the same time, Işıl Reçber, which has created its own brand in different categories so far, has its signature in private collections.

She has been actively involved in the fashion world both on the design and production side for many years. He has many collections in his name, from clothes to shoes. Işıl Reçber, who is featured in newspapers and magazines with his frequent clothes, hair design and make-up, is also one of the leading figures in social responsibility projects.

Işıl Reçber, who has contributed to the activities of many associations and foundations, is very good with many sports such as Kick-box, tennis and pilates.

ISIL Reçber, one of the famous names who actively uses social media,
She shares frames from her daily and community life on her Instagram.
As of the moment this article was prepared, Işıl Reçber, who has close to 482 thousand followers on his Instagram account, is receiving acclaim with his photos and videos.
Although he doesn't share many videos, he recently opened a YouTube channel for himself.

Instagram address


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Işıl Reçber, who was a member of the jury in a fashion program called a period boss, is currently on the show TV screens as a jury in the show you are my hairdresser. He is a famous name for the curious let's give the following information. Işıl Reçber is the sign of Libra. He is 1.80 tall and 65 pounds.


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