Who is Irem Akın? Biography

İrem Akın kim

Who Is Irem Akın And Where Is He From?

Hi, in this article we will give you important information about our national boxer and Pride Source Irem Akın. How old is Irem Akın? Where from? What is his height, weight and sign? What achievements has he achieved so far?

National Athlete Irem akin started the sport at the age of 9.
He used to fight all the time when he was young. He had more boys in his neighborhood, and they wouldn't let him play.
He often gets angry and beats up the boys in the neighborhood.
But the reason he started the sport was because his eldest brother started kick boxing. Because of his brother, he was also enthused.
His father saw his daughter's enthusiasm and supported her just as he had supported his older brother.
For him, he researched inter-club matches and took them out to gain experience.
In the early days very unprofessional, he proved himself, albeit at matches in sports halls called ladder six.
He went to matches every week and won consistently. Seeing this, he began to fall more on his father, Irem Akın.
He took her to practices and personally watched her practice.
One day he got his first defeat in one of the matches between the clubs and cried a lot. Defeat was beneath his stature.
He was very negatively affected by this defeat. He made a promise to himself not to be defeated from that day on.
And he hasn't had a defeat in a long time.

In an interview, he summed up the criteria for success in this sentence.
‘It doesn't matter if I'm above anyone else.The important thing is that I'm better than I was yesterday.’

Irem akin KICK boxing - (muay thai) – (vushu) - and boxing.
At first, he was a successful athlete who made Kick Box and achieved numerous championships, then he started to do boxing and he also has Championships in this field.
There are Turkish, European and World Championships in different categories.
Kick boxing, muay thai and boxing are the pride of our national team.
She is the only muay thai female athlete to have been champion three years in a row.

He is a graduate of Marmara University Physical Education and sports teaching.
Born 1998. It is 1.71 tall. He is 61 kilos and Tekirdağ Çorluldur..

Dec Dec Instagram and Youtube accounts are also available where the successful athlete, who uses social media, often shares about his matches.

She recently competed in the celebrity team at the Survivor 2020 contest, but was soon eliminated from the competition after failing to show the performance she wanted.


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