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hande arısoy

Hande Arisoy met the real estate industry after graduating from University at the age of 20. He worked in this field for about 12 years. He went from assistant to sales and marketing coordinator. He was involved in the most important real estate companies in Turkey. He also rose step by step in every position he was in.In his work in the real estate sector, he sold about 6 thousand houses.

After making the decision to become an actress Hande Arisoy, who ran from success to success as a white collar in the real estate industry for many years and found the secret of happiness she sought in art, she received acting trainings at Craft, 35.5 Academy, Federal Film Academy, Yeşim Cingöz Yazıevi.

Hande Arisoy, who works as a theatre artist, writer and dubbing vocalist after his various art trainings, is a name that always attracts attention with his diligence, warmth and beauty.

Hande Arisoy's first series was waiting for spring, and his acting, which he currently performs while portraying the character Suheyla, is highly acclaimed, although it is his first series.

In addition, Turkey's Al-Bab operation is the subject of, directed by Haydar Işık'ın Gelebiliriz a night suddenly film
The character of Captain Hande will soon appear in front of cinema lovers.

Ebru Küçük Akar is 32 years old Hande Arisoy manager's Player, 1. He is 70 cm tall and 60 pounds.

The player, who is a complete animal lover,loves horseback riding, swimming, skiing.


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