Who is Halil Kumova? Biography

Who is Halil Kumova And Where Is She From?

Who is actor Halil Kumova and where is he from? How old is she? How many TV shows and movies has he played in to date? The answer to all these questions is in our biography.

Halil Kumova was born on 23 March 1956 in Bursa. He is originally from Bursa. From his high school years, he began to appear in theater plays.
After that, she studied acting at the Bursa State Theatre and acted in this theatre for a long time. But his parents opposed him to being an actor at the time, and his Overland ways enabled him to get into the business.

He retired from highways in 1998.He made a return to theatre again.
Halil Kumova, who stepped into professional acting in 1974, has appeared in over 130 theatres, serials and films so far.
Legend, Hürrem Sultan, Life information, from the beginning, love and Punishment, Karadayi,notebook, Yunus Emre, Payitaht Abdulhamit has appeared in many important series such as.

Nowhere, the last Ottoman Yandim Ali, 120, Hazan season, Destere, Hedgehog, The Game of Justice, A Flower in the Steppe, being crazy crazy, Harbi treasure, hands extending to the ground, The Adventure of perfume, such as will not end in a lot of Motion Pictures.

The veteran actor who successfully portrays every given role in his TV series Waiting For Spring, which airs on white TV screens today
Sedat gives life to the character of Baba.


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