Who is Hakan Bulut? Biography

Who is Hakan Bulut? (Eighties Boutique Ali)

Who is Hakan Bulut who portrays the character Butik Ali in the series eighties and where is he from? How old is he and where is he originally from? What is his sign, height and weight? Does he have an Instagram account? What happened to Hakan Bulut on his way to acting? How did he become an actor? What series and films has he acted in to date?

Hakan Bulut was born in Istanbul on 9 January 1982. He Is Originally From Sivas. He spent his childhood in Fikkepe. In high school, his nickname was Botanical. Capricorn. He is 1.73 tall and 62 pounds.

His parents enrolled him in a classroom to become a civil servant, but he left his family's secret classroom and started the public education center to study acting.

In 2001, she started her theatrical career at Kadıköy Public Education Center.
At first his family left him alone in this decision, but he had a difficult time in that period 1 year later his family also began to support him. After that, he graduated from the Acting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Maltepe University. After graduation, he took part in the Ali Poyrazoğlu Theatre. He worked as an assistant to the famous theater player Tuncay Özinel for a period.

He has appeared as an actor in theatre plays such as Hak man Hak, love me again, a strange world, how many fathers how many, Good Bad Ugly.

The first time he appeared in front of the camera, a period marked breath: Vatan thanks to the character of Hakan portrayed in the film passed.
He was also among the cameramen of the program welcome my friend in 2014.

He has acted in films and series such as Let the children not hear, the Eighties, the dairy philosopher, conjoined brothers, Robinson Crusoe & Friday, Dostlar Mahallesi, knot Hall, the man who appears, Gürbüz Hadi Allah tawdry’.

However, we think that the greatest output in the series Eighties “call me everything but don't call it” line etched in our minds ‘boutique Ali‘ character made.
In the Eighties series project, which was re-shot today, Butik Ali meets his audience as an actor again.
In the meantime, let me give you a little unknown fact that the character of boutique Ali is taken from real life.

Hakan Bulut's Instagram account has close to 24 thousand followers as of the moment this article was prepared.


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