Who is Günay Karacaoğlu? Gençliğim Eyvah Hacer

Gunay Karacaoglu

Who is Günay Karacaoğlu who gave life to Hacer Asmali character in the new series of ATV screens, my youth Eyvah, and where is he from? How old is she?
What is her height, sign and weight? Which has played in theatres, serials and films to date. Do they have rewards? Does he use Instagram? Full details are in our biography post.

Who Is Günay Karacaoğlu?
He was born on 13 March 1971 in Kayseri. He is originally from Kayseri. He is a theatre, series and film actor. 3 are brothers. He has an older brother and an older sister.
Her birth was welcomed with great happiness in her family, her sister was born to her friends in the company she worked for, and her brother gave a feast of joy to the whole company. With the birth of his father Günay, he went to Izmit for the match and did not know what to do with the joy.

His first disappointment was when he Yesil came to Istanbul in 1976, seeing that the sea was green and not blue.
Used later. Even though the dances, songs and comedies he performed in the middle of the hall under the stage name “Alev gilding” at the age of 6 caused his family to cool down, he never let go of it. By elementary school, middle school, high school, your love of acting has grown from good to good. Because he wanted to be noticed and loved. “Best Actress” award at the High School Drama Festival
” hah now he's going to tear it apart and shove it in my mouth, " she thought, as her father wept at the table and framed her award the next day and came home.,
he has decided to determine his profession with certainty now.

He entered the “Müjdat Gezen Art Center”in 1991 and graduated in 1995.
To date, he has played professionally in many series, theatres, cinemas and commercials, but has never admitted to being a professional.
He was also awarded many awards during his artistic life. Hacer in the comedy series Gençliğim Eyvah which aired on atv screens today
it gives life to your character.
The master player is a Pisces. He is 1.55 tall and 51 pounds. He uses Instagram, though not very often. Address https://www.instagram.com/gunaykaracaoglu/

Günay Karacaoğlu Serials

My youth Eyvah 2020 / ATV / Hacer
Hayati and others Thanksgiving 2017 / Kanal D direction: Özer Kızıltan / 1441 Prod.
Roman Hava Elmas 2014 / Show Tv Direction: Hakan Arslan / Erler Film
Europe Europe Felicity 2013 / TRT 1 Direction: Dawn Bal / Mia Yapım
20 Min Scorpio 2012 / Star Tv Direction: Serdar Işık / Ay Yapım
Istanbul's Gold Uğur 2011 / ATV direction: Celal Kadri Kinoğlu, Birkan Uz
Gönçelen Gülnaz 2010 / ATV direction: Cevdet Coral / Asis Yapım
Come to me with these Günay 2010 / Star TV direction: Bora Tekay / Mint production
My Love My Love Hadise 2008 / Channel 1 Direction: Sprout Source / Rain Production
Nurse Meri Meri 2008 / Kanal 1 Direction: Yonca Güzelpınar / Koza Yapım
2007 / Fox TV direction: Ömer Uğur / Gold Film
Kismet Kismet 2005 / Kanal D Direction: Bahadır Ince / Gold Film
Hayat Bilgisi giveaway 2005/2006 / Show TV direction: Tarkan Karlıdağ / process
Ladies And Gentlemen Oleander 2002 / Kanal D Direction: Erdoğan Engin / D Pro
Half Apple Buda 2002 / Show TV direction: Ömer Uğur / sis Yapım
2002 Direction: Oguzhan Terhan
Our Hotel Naciye 2001 Direction: Aram Gülyüz / Erler Film
Yeditepe Istanbul prominence 2001 / TRT 1 Direction: Türkan Derya / Kaan Ertuna
Sorry Leyla 2000 / TRT 1 Direction: Orhan Oğuz / Sadık Deveci
We Touched Animals Fatma 1997 Direction: Bülent Özdural / Line Production
Corner Kapmaca Handan 1996 Direction: Aram Gülyüz / Erler Film
FiveThirtyEight 1996 Direction: Ümit Volkan /
Şehnaz Tango Hasene 1994 / Show TV direction: Taner Akvardar / Ar agency

Günay Karacaoğlu Films

Two Good Boys / Emine / 2018
Ailecek Başkınız Mirage 2018 Direction: Selçuk Aydemir / TR40 33
The Beautiful Thing To Live 2017 Direction : Yusuf Can Scattering / Mars Entertainment
Dictator Adolf Hitler
Enigmatic aspects of his life 2015 direction: Müjdat Gezen / mg Yapım
Construction 2 TV Girl 2014 Direction: Omar Vargi / Filmacass
Dancing With The Coyotes 3: Sifit Boredom Teacher Direction: Murat Şeker
Ottoman Republic Florist Kadın 2008 Direction: Gani Müjde / Avşar Film
Son Of The Man Who Saved The World Theoretical Tuğçe 2006 Direction: Kartal Tibet / Zero Film
Construction Television Girl 2003 Direction: Ömer Vargi / Filmacass
Abuzer Kadayif Yazgülü 2000 Direction: Tuna Başaran / Horizon
Kahpe Byzantium Anaç Hatun 1999 Direction: Gani Müjde/Ballpoint Pen

Theatre Plays In Which He Appeared

I'm Don Quixote / Let Love Die / Festive Lemonade / A Simple Household Accident / Hababam Class / Cigarette Pies / Play Me A Mastika / Open
Family / Lonely Woman / Man Of Full Role / Games Without Sauce


Development University Media Awards / Best Female Theater Actress Of The Year / A Simple House Crash /2017
Muhsin Ertuğrul Theatre Awards / Best Actor Award For Comedy Branch /A Simple House Accident / 2009
Sadri Alışık Theatre Awards / Best Actress Award For Comedy Branch /A Simple Home Accident / 2009
Afife Theatre Awards / Best Actress Award For Comedy Branch / A Simple House Crash / 2009


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