Who is Gizem Arikan? Yarali Kuslar Meryem

If you are wondering who Meryem is the name of the Gizem Arikan series in our biography article details. What's his age, height, weight? Who is Gizem Arikan?

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Who is Gizem Arikan?

Gizem Arikan is a young and beautiful theater actor who is 26 years old and sweet of Worlds. Gizem Arıkan, who was much loved and called to the sets while playing children's theatre, had his first acting experience in Mustafa Mert Koç and Gizem Karaca's film organic love and he was well loved with his talent and beauty in that film. Later, she participated in a documentary film entitled 5 Hali of Love, which was broadcast on TRT screens by Gizem Arikan, showing her talent by participating in the Al news program from child.

The talented actress, who has attracted everyone's attention with her clear beauty, has also found her own place in such a Sever clip of Kahraman Deniz in 2018. Gizem Arikan, who will also get the opportunity to introduce herself to all of Turkey through the series of wounded birds, is a name that is likely to be one of the most important female lead actors of the future. Gizem Arikan loves children and gets along with children very well.

Does Gizem Arikan have a boyfriend?

Gizem Arikan does not have a lover whom he explains his relationship with the press. Gizem Arikan is 26 years old and is a sign of Aquarius. Date of Birth February 10, 1994. It is 1.68 in height. He weighs 55 pounds. His last series, wounded birds, is broadcast under different names in different countries around the world..

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