Who is Furkan Kaya? Biography

Who is Furkan Kaya? How Old Is She? Height And Weight

Who is Furkan Kaya (heavy solid) and where is he from? How old is she? What's his height and weight? What is the official Instagram account?

Furkan Kaya (born 1995) is an athlete, coach and writer.Provides professional coaching services for diet and training.
He is a trainer of strength, conditioning and posture corrective exercises. He is a Powerlifting and Strongman athlete. He is 1.80 tall and 75 kg.dir.
Furkan Kaya, one of the broadcasters of the YouTube channel named yurtık Sağlam, is a graduate of Computer Engineering Department of Şehir University.

He has been interested in sports since his high school years. His love of sports, which began with football and mixed martial sports, later turned towards bodybuilding and fitness.
Furkan Kaya, founder and manager of heavysaglam, has been actively producing sports content on the internet since 2014.

Furkan Kaya friends; Yüksel Murat Şener and Emre Cem Dilekoğlu, together with the people they reach through social media on the website called heavy sturdy sports trainer and coaching. They produce videos and written content on bodybuilding and strength conditioning for athletes and ordinary people who want to live healthy.
With their systems that blend Fitness and informatics, they produce solutions tailored to the athletes.. They respond to sports fans ' demands with their content based on training, nutrition and motivation.

YouTube channels have 508 thousand subscribers on YouTube as of the moment this video was shot.
The account, which opened on July 15, 2014, has a total of 73 million views so far.
He has close to 98 thousand followers on his Instagram accounts.


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