Who is Ferda Kaynar? Biography

Who is Ferda Kaynar And Where Is She From? How Old Is She?

Ferda Kaynar has appeared in what theatre, series and films to date? Where is he originally from and how old is he? Biography in brief.

Ferda Kaynar has appeared in what theatre, series and films to date? Where is he originally from and how old is he? Biography in brief.

Ferda Kaynar is a talented actress who is well known to the theatre community who has acted in important state theatres, played lead roles in many plays and given trainings to minors.

He was born in 1975 in Trabzon and is from Trabzon. He lived in Trabzon until the age of 8.He did his primary and secondary education in Fındıklı District of Rize province.

His interest in theatre began when he was very young. Since she was young, she used to play at home with her mother and always included her mother in her own script. When his parents got tired of his plays, he found the solution to enroll himself in a drama course. Middle school 3. The insistence of the science teacher in the classroom was very effective in making this decision. After that year, she continued acting in both school and amateur theatres.

After graduating from Karadeniz Ereğli High School, Samsun 19 May Univ. Science Edb. He graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry.. He was cast in the University's Theatre Club.

He worked as an administrative supervisor and chemist in a private company for about 8 years. He co-operated the theatre with this profession until 2013, after which he devoted himself entirely to the theatre.

In 1999, he started to perform professional theatre in the windfall players. He served as an actor in 20 major plays and 10 children's plays.
He currently continues to work as a player and trainer at the same institution.
From 7 to 70 people are given special training such as drama education, painting, prom, tango.

He is a very well known name in the field of theatre, especially in Samsun.
3, in which he played a full 123 times as of 2006. Women's stories from the page became the turning point for him. He is also among the authors of this play. 3. She played in a number of female-oriented plays in the aftermath of women's stories from the page.

Some of the theatre plays she has played are BIMARHANE, a woman wakes up, Anatolian women, the White Horse Prince, birth wedding and death.
He also acted in episodes of” Sevdaluk “and” the new bride " for a certain time.

He received the Mürsel GÜLMEZ Special Award at the LionsTiyatro Awards in 2010 for the first time,after which he was awarded many times.
She is also the recipient of awards such as the pole Audience Awards, The Rotary Club successful artist of the Year Award, and the Republican Women's Association Achievement Award.

Ferda Kaynar , who currently works in theatre, TV series acting and teaching, is married and has a daughter.

Reading books and playing sports are his biggest hobbies outside of theatre and acting.

Ferda Kaynar gives life to the character Hanife Kadıoğlu in the series called North Star-First Love, which aired on Şhow TV today.

The player, who is careful to maintain his health through sports, always uses social media and shares it via Instagram.


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