Who is Fatma Toptaş? Bay Yanlis Cansu

Who is Fatma Toptaş, who gave life to the character Cansu Akman in Mr. false Series and Where Is she from? What is his sign and how old is he? What films and serials has he played in to date? Detailed information in our biography article…

How Old Is Fatma Toptaş?
Film and TV actress Fatma Toptaş was born in Mersin on 25 November 1982.
While studying in middle school and high school, he also made his acting debut as an amateur.
Those years, his teachers advised him to go to the conservatory, but he wanted to be a cop.

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How Did Fatma Toptaş Become An Actress? What Movies And TV Shows Did He Play In?
After school, he came to Istanbul and started working in a firm.
In the Müjdat Gezen Art Center, where he went to take diction lessons, teachers saw light in him and took him to training in the theatre department.
Following his theatre training, he also received behind-the-scenes and screenwriting training.
He subsequently appeared as a guest actor in some series.
His popularity began to increase when he played the role of Sibel, the childhood love of Shahan Gökbakar, in the 2008 film Recep Ivedik.
The same year, he appeared in the comedy film The Dumber Cousins.
Does anyone cheat in 2010? he appeared in the film with the role of Canan.
He played in the series ‘Life Goes on’, which aired on ATV in 2011, season of the Cherries in 2014, and No. 309 in 2016.
Fatma Toptaş, who appeared in the motion picture my mother in 2019, finally gave life to the character Cansu Akman in the series Mr. false, which aired on Fox screens.

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What Is Fatma Toptaş Age, Height,Weight And Sign? How many followers does she have on Instagram?
The successful player who frequently uses Instagram has 532 thousand followers as of the moment this article was prepared.
Fatma Toptaş is a Sagittarius. He is 1.68 tall and 54 pounds.

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