Who is Fatih Hürkan? Biography

Fatih Hürkan With His Unknowns

In this article we will tell you about the interesting life story of Fatih Hürkan. It's going to be a good biography because there's really interesting information waiting for you. Who is Fatih Hürkan? How old is she? Where Are They from? What is his height, weight and sign? How he became famous. Does he have a blue-clogged Instagram account? If you'd like, we can go right through.

Fatih Hürkan was born in Istanbul on 14 September 1972.He is 1.87 tall and originally from Samsun.He is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University.

He is married and has one son.He has played judo in the past and has been the Istanbul champion. 4 years of professional goalkeeping and volleyball, ninjutsu at the same time has been involved in many sports such as.

He took his first steps into the acting profession in the late ' 90s with such series as Would It Be Like This, Dance Of Fire, broken lives, etc.

2nd in 1998 in Best Model of Turkey she was selected and then started modeling. Competition in some sources 1.si is also passing.
It is even stated that he succeeded in becoming “Turkey's oldest best model” by taking this title at the age of 27.

After being a model for a while, she appeared in many series and motion pictures. He became the sought-after name for villain roles.
He studied acting at the sahika Tekand studio and subsequently played in many theatre plays.

This is an interesting information about Fatih Hürkan.
He played the lead role in Turkey's first soap opera, Stormy love.

It's not over! She starred in Turkey's first animated action series.
It isn't surprising. But it's not over again! Fatih Hürkan has set a world record by appearing in 164 non-campaign commercials in 10 years.
In commercial films, sometimes a father, sometimes a romantic lover, sometimes a customer who trusts his bank blindly Hürkan,
he also came across consumers in the promotion of many products aimed at Children.

At one time he founded a company called’ Synergy production'.
In 2017, she joined Survivor, where she had been one of the many talked-about contestants on the celebrity team. Ilhan Mansız Serhat Akın competed with names such as Adem Kılıçci.

The successful actor, who is also a presenter, played the rich mafia father Ipsiz Vefa in the Fig Tree series which aired on trt1 screens and lives in Istanbul. Fatih Hürkan has a blue click on his Instagram account and has close to 30 thousand followers as of the moment this article was prepared.


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