Who is Fatih Ayhan? Sign, height and weight

Hi, in this article we will give you information about Fatih Ayhan, one of the most important artists of our country.

Who is Fatih Ayhan and where is he from? What is his sign, height and weight? Which has appeared in serials and films to date.

Fatih Ayhan is really someone who has ten skills on his fingers.
He is a theatre, film and television actor, cartoonist, musician, composer, painter, and ceramic artist.
As a hobby he is involved in volleyball, tennis, basketball, horse riding, football, sword sports and motor sports.
The artist opened his first exhibition of paintings in 2000 and received an award from the National Fair Play cartoon competition in 1997.
The artist, who plays the piano and has his own compositions, also has workshops on sculptural ceramics.

He was born on 1 March 1984 in Beykoz, Istanbul. He's a Pisces. He is 1.88 tall and 83 pounds.
He graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University Faculty of Economics, Department of Public Administration.

After enrolling at the age of 9 in a municipal course at the request of his mother, he became acquainted with theatre. After 5 years of training here, he began his professional acting life as an actor of the same institution.
She continued to receive acting training throughout her professional life and acted in many theatre plays. It's always a very caring name.

He considered the most important play of his theatre career over 20 years “Deli Mi Ne” Fatih Ayhan who plays a schizophrenic in the play, played the role before 2 weeks Bakırköy mental and Nervous Diseases Hospital made preparation.
“Crazy or What”, directed by veteran actor Ferdi Merter, received full marks from critics.

In 2004, stars of Turkey, including players such as Beren Saat and Engin Akyürek, participated in the competition program and debuted in the world of television.

He has appeared in major television projects such as barbers,Kördüğü, I Still Have Hope, bad road, proof, my heart chose You, liar spring, etc.
When he played the respected character of Doctor Onur in the TV series No: 309, which aired on Fox TV, he became a well-known name for the series lovers in Turkey. When he played the role of Mahir in the series Alif with a very successful acting, he became one of the most sought-after figures in the daily series.

Fatih Ayhan has appeared in several commercial films and several motion pictures.
My goal is you, where the word ends, Turkish style, caravan 1915, the treasure inside me are some of the films.

He has been the general artistic director of several municipalities to date.
In addition to his own written and directed theatre plays, bulun successful artist also offers trainings on acting and theatre.

Finally, he gives life to the character of Omar in the TV series waiting for spring, which is broadcast on white TV screens today.

The artist who describes himself as an umbrella man who was wet in the rain on his Instagram account, a dream mechanic, a theatre Porter, an endoplasmic strange birkul and a man who carried his soul mate in his saddlebag, has close to 46 thousand followers as of the moment this article was published.


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