Who is Faruk Sofuoglu? Biography

Who is Faruk Sofuoğlu And Where Is He From?

Who is Faruk Sofuoğlu who portrays the character of Kasap Bahtiyar in the series eighties and where is he from? How old is she? How did he get into acting?

Faruk Sofuoğlu was born on March 18, 1969 in the Gülbahçe District of Adana and is from Adana. The actor who spent his childhood in the Grand Vizier neighborhood
He attended high school at New Dam High School. He was a naughty student during his school years and often failed. He left school at high school 1.

She took the first steps of theatre and acting education at the City Theatre in Adana.He took part in the school theatre in Adana, discovered his talent as a literature teacher and music teacher, and opened the doors to art in this way in the first place and then turned his life path to Istanbul.

The first game he watched was "Mice and people" in Adana. His first stage play, however, was" 90 minutes in all directions."

In the later years of his career, Faruk Sofuoğlu founded the Istanbul meydan theatre and became its artistic director. They perform in different parts of the world, such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany, with the theatre team that they have formed, and the theatres of this team are among the most popular theatres in Europe recently. However, Turkey recognized Faruk Sofuoğlu for his role as 'Kasap Bahtiyar' from the series "Eighties" and managed to gather the appreciation of the audience for 6 years with his acting. He also starred in the 2015 film ladder Daddy.

She is currently acting in the series Eighties, which is being filmed again.


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