Who İs Evrim Doğan? Sen Çal Kapımı Ayfer

Evrim Doğan Kimdir

Who is Evrim Dogan who portrays the character Ayfer in the TV series Sen Çapamımı aired on FOX screens and how old is he? What is her height, sign and weight? What serials and films has he played in to date? Those who are curious about evolution born…

Who Is Evrim Doğan?
Evrim Doğan, a TV series and film actor, was born in Ankara on 5 September 1977.
Evrim Doğan graduated from Anadolu University State Conservatory – acting department in 2002,
she first stepped into her acting career in 2004 with the series Paradise neighborhood.
She has also had acting experience in many theatre plays.
As The Last Born of Conscience, The Evolution featured in productions such as February, listen dear and back rowers
Star had given life to the character Lebriz in the TV series Sister children, which aired on TV screens.
He plays the character Ayfer Yildiz in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, which is currently broadcast on FOX screens.
Evrim Doğan is 1.72 meters tall, 52 pounds and is a Virgo.
The player who uses Instagram has more than 90 thousand followers on his account as of the moment this article was prepared.

Some serials and films featuring Evrim Doğan:

2020-you knock on my door (Ayfer) (TV series)
2019-sister children (Lebriz) (TV series)
2018-Bartu Ben (pharmacist) (TV series)
2018-Is That Love? (Motion Picture)
2017-Woman (Guest Actress) (TV series)
2018-Our Story (Sheyma) (TV series)
2016-smile enough (Nermin) (TV series)
2015-Cute Dangerous (Nurten) (Motion Picture))
2013-conscience (mystery) (TV series)
2012-February (victim) (TV series)
2011-listen Dear (Sakine) (TV series)
2007-back rowers (Suna) (TV series)
2004-Cennet Mahallesi (Wormwood) (TV series)


  1. Most annoying character - too controlling and miserable.


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