Who is Esen Hünal? Biography

Who is Chef Esen Hünal And Where Is He From?

Who Is Esen Hünal? Biography

Esen Hünal was born in Istanbul on 23 April 1986.
She is the daughter of Teoman Hünal, the founder of the North Shiled Pub Concept.He has two children named Leyla and Bora. He's a Taurus.

Because of his father's work, the child grew up in the kitchen and loved the kitchen. But she's so lucky that not only her father, but her mother, she makes good food. His grandparents, who were Greek, were also proficient in food. In short, his entire family is adept at cooking.

The young and successful chef followed in his father's footsteps both in business and in the kitchen, and as a result, he received the ‘children who took over the profession’ award at the 2007 venue Oscars and the most successful woman Award at the Gecce venue Oscars in 2013.

He is a graduate of Italian high school. He studied cookery, restaurant and kitchen management in England for two years. She was a part of the Ramadan delicacies program on CNN Turk with Mehmet Yasin. He worked as an instructor at the vocational school at Bilgi University for two years. His writings have been published in Vatan newspaper for 3 years and his writings have been published in various blogs as well as in his own name.

It also has a Youtube channel. He continues to share his special recipes from Turkish and European cuisine and his work on cuisine through this channel. Let's emphasize that he really does throw a very regular video. There are 3 videos a week.

Among the cuisines of the country, Esen Hünal, who loves the most European cuisines, has Italian and French tastes.

Esen Hünal, who is also very hardworking himself, thinks that the way to be a good chef is through hard work.
In one seminar, he said, ”talent and training don't benefit much unless there is diligence and perseverance, even though there is talent and training. When it all comes together then you become a very good chef’ emphasized this with his sentences.

He is now the culinary chef at La Brise Brasserie. She had also recently appeared as a jury in the show The Taste Turkey, which aired on Fox TV.


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