Who Is Erdem Kaynarca? Gençliğim Eyvah Çavi

Who is Erdem Kaynarca who gave life to the character of Çavi Bozoğlu in the comedy series My Youth Eyvah which aired on ATV screens and how old is he? What series and films has he appeared in to date? Full details are in our biography post.

erdem kaynarca

Who Is Erdem Kaynarca?
Erdem Kaynarca was born in Istanbul in 1992.
The player who studied what he got from the age of 6 had a dream of being a philosopher in high school.
That's why he wanted to study philosophy at the University.
After graduating from Middle East Technical University philosophy department, he graduated from Kadir Has University Theatre Department.
Despite his young age, he played in numerous theatre plays throughout his acting career.

Erdem Kaynarca Tiyatroları

Often appearing in commercials, the actor's first series experience is heartbeat.
The actress, who has also appeared in the TV series One Mad wind, Forbidden Apple and Alef, also starred in a television movie called “Safety”.

Most players who played American football during their college years and loved sports
he is involved in the sports of basketball, swimming, tennis, fitness and yoga.
He is also professionally engaged in modern dance.
The actress, who loves to read books and watch foreign series, goes to theatre plays in her spare time.
He gives life to the character Çavi Bozoğlu in the comedy series Gençliğim Eyvah, which aired on atv screens today.

Gençliğim Eyvah Çavi Kim?

Let's also give the classic information that is curious to be an actor.
Erdem Kaynarca, a cat lover, lives in Istanbul. He is 1.82 tall and 76 pounds.
He uses Twitter and Instagram, though not very often. As of the moment this article was prepared, his Instagram account has 125 thousand followers.
Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/erdemkaynarca/
Twitter https://twitter.com/erdem_kaynarca/


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