Who Is Ercan Saatçi And Where Is He From? Life With Unknowns

Ercan Saatçi is a name that has been on the agenda of the music and magazine world for many years.
The details and achievements of his artistic career are almost enough to be the subject of a documentary. Especially one of the most memorable names of the ' 90s.
In this video I will try to explain as much as I can about the information itself but the continuation of this type of video before to come
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Who is Ercan Saatçi who is currently preparing the music program called multi acoustic which is broadcast on Channel D screens and where is he from? Biography with unknowns. What is Instagram and YouTube address? How old is she? What is her height, sign and weight?

Ercan Saatçi was born on 13 March 1968 in Istanbul. He Is Originally From Bayburt.
He started his primary education at Üsküdar Zeynep Kamil Primary School, where he taught mandolin, accordion and Turkish folk dances.
He received his middle school and high school education at Haydarpaşa High School, where he took violin lessons from Sabri Süha Ansen for a time.
He founded the school's musical group and participated in various Interscholastic music competitions.
In 1985, he formed a band called Ercan-Yavuz-Vahe. This group received several awards in the competitions it participated in.
In 1988, he won the contest of Hey magazine with the song they performed with Yavuz Çetin, who was his schoolmate in high school.
In the same year, he was a student of the double bass Department of ITU State Conservatory of Turkish music and was eligible to participate in the TRT Eurovision finals.
He then won the Intercollegiate music competition held on the campuses of Istanbul Technical University.
In 1990, he finished third in the TRT Golden antenna Young Composers Competition.Izel-Çelik-Ercan group was formed on the return of the same competition.
In the same year, the band formed a band called Vitamin and made 2 albums with this group.
Following the band's 3,000,000-selling debut album “plenty of vitamins”, he twice participated in the Golden Dove competition.
She won a first place and a second place, four times the Hurriyet Golden Butterfly award, twice the Hey Magazine Award, and
it has also received Song of the year, lyric of the year and group of the Year awards, many times selected by many TV and radio.
At the end of 1991, Ufuk Yildirim left the band vitamin and formed the group Uf-Er,
in the same year Izel Çeliköz and Çelik and Izel-Çelik-Ercan's first and only album “Miss” was released.
Izel Çelik Ercan went on tour with Ajda Pekkan as the front band to Germany on the same dates.
These three young people, who had no expectations, became famous in an instant when they returned to their country.
Çelik Niççı left the band in 1992 and made the album “here again” in 1993 as Izel-Ercan.
Ercan Saatçi, who also performed as Uf-Er on the albums “not vitamins but healing intentions” in 1992 and “Ebabil Bir Kuştur” in 1994,
In 1995, he released his first solo album under the name “thanks to you”.
The single “It's been a full 14 hours” in 1996 was followed by the album “cuff” in 1998.
To date, he has written nearly 1000 lyrics, composed and arranged over 500 songs.
In 1999, he finished 7th in Foça. He served as a private in the gendarmerie Commando regimental command.
He was a member of the jury in Popstar and Turkstar between 2003 and 2004; Star Hunt in 2006 and Alaturka soloist competitions in 2008.
The dialogues he entered into with the contestants were frequently brought up in these competitions.
In 2017, the first private conservatory to teach in different branches of the arts, from music to theatre, from painting to photography
Opened under the name "Ercan Saatçi Akademi" in Acarkent, Istanbul.
He now has a company called Rec by Saatchi, a famous artist who has also acted in the film soldier and the series Bang door.
There is also a YouTube channel that this company has opened with its name.
The famous name who was a writer and sports coordinator for Hurriyet newspaper for a period recently appeared on Kanal D screens with a very acoustic music content.
he started a program. She prepares this program in her own home and sings songs with her famous guests every week.
Finally, let's give you the following information. Ercan Saatçi is the father of two children. He's a nature enthusiast and animal lover. Fenerbahce football team.
He's a Pisces. He is 1.73 tall and 70 pounds.He actively uses social media.
As of the moment this video was taken, the Blue click Instagram account has 171 thousand followers and 21,600 subscribers on its YouTube channel.
The total viewing of the videos on its channel has exceeded 10 million.
He loves to travel and take pictures.


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