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In this article we will talk about the life of famous businessman Erbakan Malkoç. Who and where is he from? How did he become such a great businessman? If you wish, let's immediately move on to the life story that will be shown as an example in the most beautiful success stories.

Erbakan Malkoç, who is the winner of numerous awards today, was born in the balanced village of Ardahan in 1978. Erbakan Malkoç, a member of a family of 13 with 11 siblings, had financial difficulties from an early age. Erbakan Malkoç pointed out that they burned and heated dung at -40 degrees and went to a school without a glass frame. The difficulties he had were so great that elementary school was 4.he had to drop out of school in class.

His father was a farmer, when he lived in his hometown of Ardahan, Erbakan Malkoç said that there was not a single car in their village, and that he thought of the cars he saw when he went to the city at a young age with his father as spacecraft.

She lost her parents at an early age.He was both an orphan and his older brother, who lived in Istanbul, took him with him. Then he became an apprentice and started working in very difficult conditions. He even worked without money. Because he wanted to touch the cars he was curious about. He was beaten by his Masters during his time as an apprentice. Zero was fired after throwing a Coke bottle at the back of a car because he had scratched it. Tried but she kept it up

Then, in order to realize his dream, he opened a shop as small as 20 m2 in Istanbul in 1992. His goal in this project was to become a leading vehicle design brand in the world.

Erbakan Malkoç, which has been carrying out its service under the name of Dizayn Vip brand for 28 years, continues its services with a factory of 10 thousand m2 and more than 100 employees.

He designs special tools for business people, athletes, celebrities, artists, politicians in general. The exterior and interior decoration of the vehicle completely changes and reveals a completely different work.

What they're going through is not something anyone can handle.Despite all the difficulties and difficulties he has experienced, he has managed to stand up and today he has managed to be among the leading rich people in Turkey.

It is his wife who has given him the greatest support in coming to this day.

It provides around 15 million TL per year in inflow of money to Turkey.

The International Brand Leaders Summit held in 2013 was lob's ”Europe's Best Car Design Award” in Europe By Design Vip. One year later, at the IMA IMPACT Technology Summit held in America and known worldwide, he was awarded the “best use of Technology in automobile design in the world” Award.

Reynmen, Enes Batur, Yusuf Aktaş, Orhan Gencebay, Mustafa Baranlı, Alişan have shot videos on YouTube and made designs for their vehicles.

He is married and has a son named Eray and daughters named Melisa and Angel.Eray Malkoç teaches entrepreneurship and leadership courses at universities.
He Is The Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of Design Vip.He has recently started posting videos on his YouTube channel about his work and has received a lot of attention.


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