Who is Eftelya Fettahoğlu? Biography

Who Is Eftalya Fettahoğlu With His Unknowns And Where Is He From?

Biography Of Eftelya Fettahoğlu

In 2019, Eftalya Fettahoğlu was able to announce her voice to large audiences with The Tell Me with Contest broadcast on Kanal D screens.
She made it to the final in the singing contest called Sing With Me. Especially in the semi-final with the song he sang almost all of the jury members stood up and received great acclaim. In the semifinals, she sang the Turkmen Bride, a Kirkuk folk song.

He is particularly active on social media and is well known on social media.
The contestant, whose full name is Eftalya Fettahoğlu Emirmiran, lives in Ulucami village of Çaykara District of Trabzon. She's a country girl, actually.

He has been sharing his works on his own Youtube channel for a long time.
The channel opened on September 14, 2013, when this video was prepared, reached 97 thousand subscribers. The total number of videos on the channel has reached 22 million.

Born in 1994 in Bakırköy, Istanbul, Eftalya Fettahoğlu is originally from Trabzon by his father.
He graduated from Bakırköy Imam Hatip High School in 2012 and then completed the Department of Turkish language and literature at Uludag University in Bursa.

Eftalya Fettahoğlu, who is also interested in theatre and is also a writer in some media, describes himself as a Turkologist. Eftelya, who loves reading books and books, was also very supportive of her being an artist and continuing to sing.

Successful name has been engaged in music for a long time as an amateur, and has also taken singing lessons for 2 months or so. Since he graduated from the Faculty of letters, he also wants to write essays and articles and to be a journalist in the near term.

In his childhood, he stated that he had a hymn choir called The Little Hearts Choir, and that they even made an album and made clips at the Zal Mahmut Paşa complex. He was a member of the Folk Music Choir of the University and was a member of the Folk Music Choir of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.

On the other hand, although he took part in the events of the associations, he never performed as a soloist individually.
She participated in the Sing With Me contest to pursue her music career professionally.

She married Serhan Emirmiran in 2018 and loves animals very much. By the way, there may be some who wondered if his name was Eftelia or Eftalia. Because there is confusion about this.
Honestly, eftalia friends. When you enter the YouTube channel you will see that it is written in this way. Many web sites have written Eftelya shares about him. Even so, I may even have to write Eftelia on the title of this one. There are different opinions about the exact meaning of this name and its correct spelling, but it is generally said that the word Eftalia is of Greek origin and Means ‘mermaid’.

If you haven't had a chance to listen to him by now, you can start by listening to Ahmedum on his Youtube channel.
He is a brother with a really strong and quality voice. I got goose bumps listening to it. I wish their success would continue exponentially.


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