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Biography Of Efekan Can

Efekan Can was born in 1994 in Bilecik. He is 1.79 tall and 70 pounds.

After graduating from Bilecik University with a degree in Business Administration, Efekan Can came to Istanbul to reach his goal of acting and started to take acting classes. She studied acting at Atelier craft, Ipek Bilgin's acting school, while she received her master's degree in Supply Chain and management at Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences. Fluent in the English language fluently.

An intelligent,hard-working and athletic player, Efekan Can participated in many series in the first time, then found a place in the series of small murders. He was chosen to audition and then his life changed in an instant.

In a series of minor murders that aired on Star TV in 2018, Serhan gave life to his character, Mert Fırat's youth was much likened and deemed suitable for the role.

When the series of small murders was published, Efekan Can, one of the most curious names on social media and the internet, made a big debut in the first series and in those days the number of followers on Instagram page increased in a moment.

He also plays in the Youtube series full head, swimming, fitness, boxing, volleyball, basketball and is also a professional wrestler.

Music is almost indispensable to your life.Efekan Can, who made his living as a soloist, is also a songwriter. He can also play guitar, drums, piano and baglama. He actively uses Instagram and Twitter.

He recently gave life to the character Northern Alpan in the series Saint, which aired on Channel D screens. He managed to feature in an extremely important series in terms of his career but made the series an early finale.

Then again, luck laughed in his face and Fox screens aired in the series of teachers Tuğrul he found a place with the character, but that series is now unfortunately decelerated. Let's say Luck stays with you, Efekan Can!


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