Who is Dilara Aydin? Biography

Dilara Aydin With Her Unknowns

Who is Dilara Aydin and where is she from? How old is he and what is his sign?

Dilara Aydin, who was born in Izmir in 1996, is originally from Izmir. Capricorn.
He is a graduate of Public Relations Department of Çanakkale March 18 University.
He lives in Izmir today. He loves animals and has a cat named Whooper.
Among his favorite YouTubers is the Berkcan Trust.
The phenomenon the social media world is familiar with closely shares on Youtube and Instagram, often related to make-up, personal care, shopping, fashion and food.
As of the time of writing this article, the number of followers on instagram account is around 144 thousand, while the number of subscribers on Youtube video channel is around 94,000.
It is new on YouTube and the total number of views of its videos is close to 50 thousand.
She recently took part as a contestant in the Exathlon Challenge, which featured the phenomenon and famous names filming in Dominican.


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