Who is Çetin Kemal Sarıkartal? Biography

Çetin Kemal Sarıkartal With His Unknowns

Who is Çetin Sarıkartal and how old is he?

Prof. Dr. Çetin Sarıkartal is a very popular name in the acting world.Most players in the industry have received his training.
Born in Ankara in 1959, prof dr. Çetin Sarıkartal is a playwright, theatre director, TV series-film actor and translator.
His full name is Çetin Kemal Sarıkartal.The professor has the title of Doctor. He also has a book on theatre.
Çetin Sarıkartal, a graduate of Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History, Geography, Department of English language and literature;

In 1995, he received a master's degree in Art History from Hacettepe University.
Between 1996 and 1998 he worked as a dramaturg in the Theatre Playhouse.
He completed his Ph. D. in art theory at Bilkent University in 1999 with a thesis.
He was a lecturer at Bilkent University, where he received his doctorate.
He was then a faculty member at Bahçeşehir University and was also the head of the Department of Visual Arts and Communication Design at the same university.
In the past, he has coached actors in the TV series Carpmüş and in the Hormuz Cinema film Seven Husbands.
He also gave life to the character Günther Pasha in the film Seven Husbands Hormuz.
He also gave life to the character of Pasha in the series ‘pit”.
The most recent series of Azize aired on Kanal D screens gave life to the character of Iskender Alpan, the head of the Alpan family, a notorious mob boss in the world who wants to be the strongest of the underworld.

Dec.Dec. also uses social media.
His Instagram account has more than 26 thousand followers.


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