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Unknown Cenay Türksever

Cenay Türksever was born on May 13, 1990 in Bulgaria. He is a graduate of the school of Physical Education and Sports. She's a Model and she's also an actress. She has been a professional model for close to 10 years and has managed to be among the sought-after people in her business. She appeared in fashion shows such as Mercedes Benz and Fashion Week. He undertook the promotion of the designs of Şafak Tokur and Hakan Akkaya.

The famous designers Atil Kutoğlu, Emre Erdemoğlu and Uğurkan Erez discovered when he was a foreign model Cenay Türksever, although he was a Turk, did not know Turkish in those years. But over the years she has become a sought-after model in her country, where she does not know her language.

3rd in the Idol of Models competition in 2012. It has happened. She also appeared in the clip of her signature song at the heart of Demet Akalin. In the following years, she aimed to use the advantages she had gained through modeling in acting.
He developed his Turkish language and then studied acting for 8 months.

For acting, the first offer he received came from the series Elif, which aired daily on Channel 7 screens. She studied acting for another 9 months as she took her job very seriously before starting the series Alif and made her acting debut in the series Alif, which aired on Kanal 7 in 2017. He played the character Yunus in the series. 4. he managed to become one of the popular names in the series he participated in during the season.

After the series Elif, the handsome actress continued to model and recently began to appear in a new series.
The new series was once you loved Star aired on TV screens. She plays the character Mirza in the TV series I loved you once.
Cenay Türksever, to succeed in his business has walked a very difficult path, but of course will come to the days of his enjoyment.

The player, who loves playing basketball, playing piano and painting, uses Twitter and Instagram, though not very often.
As of the moment this article was prepared, his official Instagram account has close to 92 thousand followers.

He is always curious because he is a Model. Let's get this information. Cenay Türksever is 1.90 in height, 88 in weight and is a Taurus.


  1. Why do you refer to him as a she? She is for woman.


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