Who Is Binnur Kaya From Where? Red Room, Doctor Who?

Who's the psychiatrist from the Red Room series? Who is Binnur Kaya and Where Is she from? What are the serials and films he has appeared in to date? Does he have an Instagram, YouTube and Twitter account? How old is she? What is her height, sign and weight? Married? The answer to all these questions is in our biography.

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The Life Of Binnur Kaya With Its Unknowns - Who Is Binnur Kaya And Where Is She From?
In this article we will talk about the acting career of our esteemed actress, who has always taken her job seriously and who has given her every role she has ever played.

Binnur Kaya was born on 19 April 1972 in Bahçelievler, Ankara.
Binnur Kaya, who had a peaceful and orderly childhood in a loving family,
he soon began to attract the attention of his circle with his penchant for art.

Kaya, who learned to play the flute while at Ulubatlı Hasan primary school, was particularly interested in the Turkish Art Music songs she sang and the imitations she performed when she was alone, and when her neighbor said “You are interested in the theater binnur”, Kaya's life began to change.​

Until then, only Ilhan Irem and Sakıp Sabancı imitators Kaya, then slowly warmed to this idea and found himself starting to play in amateur theaters at Bahçelievler trial High School.
Theatre was still a social activity for him, and his main purpose was to study ocean science. His father, a journalist, and his mother, a housewife, wanted him to be a civil servant. Kaya, who took the university exams, unfortunately failed to win the exam. Binnur Kaya, who became depressed and decided that she wanted nothing, came across her high school friend Elvin Beşikçioğlu, who was studying at the conservatory's theatre department, and she won Bilkent University's Theatre Department with a scholarship.​

1995 graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of music and Performing Arts Department of theatre,
After completing his university education in Ankara, he moved to Istanbul.
Binnur Kaya, who works in children's theatres called Ankara stage and Karatahta, started working in Bakırköy Theatre in Istanbul after a while, at the suggestion of a friend, Hülya Avşar began to portray the character of Asiye in the show.

For the first time, the actress entered the series industry with her mother-in-law Series, and immediately attracted attention with her successful performance.
Binnur Kaya, who joined the cast of Besiktas Culture Center, has appeared in many series and films such as” pegs of the outer door“,” Çarli“,” father's house“,” construction“,” Foreign groom“,” my father and my son“,” Vavien“,” little Doomsday“,”European side“,” who are you dancing with " rich and poor.

Especially in the European side of the series Şahika and Turkish goods series’ Evening ' character portraying the performance of the audience has garnered great appreciation.
But what distinguishes him from many actors is that almost all of the series and films he has appeared in to date have been kept.
His excellent acting has brought many awards.

8 in 2008. Cinema here Festival Young Actress Award and 35. She won the award for Best Female Comedy Actress at the Butterfly Awards.
In 2009, she was awarded the media Oscars actress of the Year Award by the Association of radio and Television Journalists.
42 in 2010 for his role in the film “Vavien”. At the Motion Picture Writers Association Awards and the 3rd. She won the Best Actress awards at the Yeşilçam Awards.
In 2014, he finished 41st. She was named Best Female Comedy Actress for her role in the series between us at the Magnum Golden Butterfly Awards.

The famous actress, who recently appeared in the film Murder and the Saints, plays the psychiatrist doctor lady in the Red Room series, which airs on TV8 screens today.

Binnur Kaya Age, Height Weight
Let's also give the classic information that is curious to be an actor.
Binnur Kaya is single. She has an older sister. It is 1.63 cm tall. He weighs 57 pounds and is Aries. He Is Originally From Adanali. He's a nature enthusiast.
He loves animals and has cats in his house.

Does Binnur Rock Use Instagram?

Although there are many social media accounts opened in his name, the famous player does not have any known official social media accounts.

Known for his very sensitive and polite structure, Binnur Kaya was always appreciated by the audience throughout his career. We wish our player, who has continued his career successfully for nearly 25 years, success in his last series.
He has a hard way ahead of him in the Red Room series, which is unorthodox and has a structure where it is difficult to attract the viewer per screen. Because, although the audience in our country say we are tired of the same kind of Series, different sequences can be forced to adopt the point.

We hope he succeeds.


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