Who Is Beyhan Budak And Where Is She From?

Hello. In this article we will tell you about the famous psychologist Beyhan Budak.

Who is expert psychologist Beyhan Budak and Where Is she originally from? He has published on his YouTube channel a biography on the life of Beyhan Budak, which attracted attention with educational videos on personal development and psychology, and also has books. Who is clinical psychologist Beyhan Budak and Where Is she from? Where does he work? How old is she? Married? Detailed information about…

Beyhan Budak is one of the most curious names of recent days, both with her YouTube channel and with her books. Come together, get to know themselves.

Who Is Beyhan Budak?
Beyhan Budak completed primary and high school in Ankara. After finishing high school, she earned a degree in Psychology from Istanbul University.
During his time in Istanbul, he used the city's unlimited opportunities in science, culture and art to the fullest and developed himself. He met many people, was involved in social projects with many associations. He participated in many panels, seminars and trainings, whether professional or non-professional.
He did internships in classrooms, nurseries, rehabilitation centers, hospitals. After a full 4 years in Istanbul, he returned to Ankara again.

A week after graduating, he started a job at a special education center.
After working with children and their families for a while here, he started working at Tedaş General Directorate. However, he decided that this was not the job he wanted to do, so he resigned from Tedaş and became a member of the Ministry of Health. She worked for many years at the Zekai Tahir Burak women's Health and Education Research Hospital. Then he made the transition to the private sector.

After her undergraduate studies, she earned a master's degree in Psychological Counseling and guidance at Gazi University in 2011 and a master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Esenyurt University, Istanbul in 2016. During this time period, he also took part in TRT Türk's ‘there is a Specialist Project’ with his videos. Keçiören Municipality Family Training Center within the municipal staff and Keçiörenlilerle many times gave training and seminars.

He has given seminars in many private and public organizations. During 2014, she appeared as a constant guest on TRT Radio 1. He also mentored the scripts of cartoons such as Kuzucuk, Elif's dreams. He has appeared in many television and radio programs.

In 2015-2016 he served his military service in the Turkish Armed Forces as a psychologist and provided psychological counseling to military personnel.

Currently, he provides psychotherapy, psychological counseling and educational services to institutions in the Fenomen psychological counseling and Training Center he is the founder of in Ankara. He also provides psychological counseling and training services within the scope of Employee Support Services at the Man Turkey factory and the Turkish tractor factory under Koç Holding.

Beyhan Budak was also authorized in the medical applications of psychology as a result of the examination conducted by the Ministry of Health to psychologists. He is a member of the Turkish Society of psychologists and is the president of the family and Society Institute Association. Beyhan Budak, who is also an author, has two books.

His first book, “Be Good To Yourself, Beautiful Person,” his second book is “it's not your fault-A Guide to getting rid of the burdens of the past.”

At a Tedx Kaleici event in 2018, he said, " that's not happiness you're buying!"Beyhan Budak has given more than 300 speeches on self-help issues in many institutions and cities and is still working on this issue.

Very active on social media, the famous psychologist's first entry into social media began in 2009 when he founded the website “Oh, my divorce.”
A YouTube channel has also recently very popular.
He regularly posts videos on popular psychology and personal development topics on his Youtube channel.
His videos to date have been watched by a total of 67 million, and his channel now has over 1 million subscribers.
His Instagram account has 352 thousand followers as of the moment this article was written.

Beyhan Budak, now 35, is originally from Ankara. He is married and has 2 children. His father is a taxi driver. His mother is a housewife. He is 4 brothers and Beyhan Budak is the eldest of the brothers.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/beyhanbudak/

YouTube address https://www.youtube.com/user/PsikolojiTV

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