Who is Berk Keklik? Uberkuloz

Who is Berk Partridge, known as Uberkuloz on his Instagram account and who has become a name everyone wonders with the stop-to-stop quiz? How old is he and where does he study? Full details are in our post.

In this article, we will talk about Berk Partridge, who is known for his videos shared on Instagram, especially with his stop-to-stop question-and-answer contest on the subway, which has become a name everyone is curious about.

Berk Keklik (Uberkuloz) Biography

Berk Partridge, known by his nickname Uberkuloz, was born in Sivas on May 9, 2000. He is originally from Sivas.
His mother is a classroom teacher and his father is a former National Wrestler.(Now he is the director)

Berk Partridge's interest in cameras and shooting actually started at an early age.
He's been shooting himself with cameras since he was a kid.
As he continued to shoot, he realized that he had an interest and talent in acting.

He played his first theatre play at the age of 11 and continued to be interested in acting, playing in many theatre plays during his school life.
He studied language in high school but preferred to be interested in literature and theatre throughout his school life rather than his own.
He was particularly impressed by his literature teacher, who was a lover of theatre, and trained in many subjects from him.
Together with her literature teacher, she has written sketches, participated in competitions, won prizes, even directed plays.
In the meantime, Vine posted some videos on the site where the short videos, but left after.

After a while, he started a humor site with his high school friends.
Then he took the university exam, but when he didn't get the result he wanted, he took the Special Skills exams.
That's when he started to share funny videos on Instagram, and as a result of the feedback he received, he realized that the best job he could do was to make him laugh.
His popularity on Instagram began to increase rapidly, especially thanks to his videos in Sivas.
After a while, he came up with the idea of a very different video about quizzing on the subway.

How Did Berk Partridge Become Famous?

Berk Partridge, whose sympathetic manners,smooth diction, suit and bow tie are all on the agenda of the country at once with his ‘stop-to-stop Quiz’, has done this contest twice so far, and both have been vocal. Meanwhile, he has no official channel where he posts his videos on YouTube.
Let's remind you that he shared his videos via Instagram. At the time of this post, his official Instagram account had 1.5 million followers.

Berk Keklik (Uberkuloz İnstagram)

Berk Keklik (Uberkuloz İnstagram)

Berk Partridge, who is also a close friend of Yusuf Aktaş, nicknamed Reynmen, who is a phenomenon on social media, is also very good with music.
He recently sang ‘I don't have any enthusiasm’ with Doğukan Sarıtaş at the music company Reynmen founded, and the clip they shot has been watched more than 16 million times on YouTube. She also occasionally sings impromptu songs on Instagram Stories.

Hevesim Yok

Berk Partridge, who is a Taurus, is also good with many musical instruments such as guitar, piano, clarinet, organ, drums.
Berk Partridge, who has a much-loved cat named Ahu, is currently studying advertising and continues to post his videos on social media.


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