Who is Bengi Öztürk? Brief Biography

Who is Bengi Öztürk and where is he from? Which serials and films have he appeared in to date?

Bengi Öztürk born 28 December 1980 in Germany, he studied at the Department of economics of Gazi University. Although her department is about economics, she decided to develop herself as a student due to her interest in acting and participated in the stars of Turkey competition which was broadcast on Show TV. Beren Saat, Engin Akyürek such names as the world of celebrities in the program called Stars of Turkey has managed to become the center of attention of the audience.

After this competition, the star started to shine and the actress starred in the film ‘Welcome life’ in 2004. The young actor who managed to get acclaim in this motion picture with the character Mirage, entered the series sector in 2005 and starred in the series Ferris wheel.

In addition, the character Melis in the series’ opening the doors ' and the actor who came before the audience in the series fame as Jade met with the audience.

Silent Storm, My Dear family, Where Is My daughter, perfect couple, lying World, Fifth Dimension, Dila Hanım, Little Bride, Dayan Yüreğim, Ya Nasip or kismet, Anchisi of the Aegean, Mehmet Bir Cihan Fatih who announced her name in many projects, especially because of the social message of the actress who has managed to become a popular face of the screens thanks to the series of

On July 19, 2018, she married Sertaç Akkaya, an actor. She recently made her acting debut in the series Gorbi, which aired on Fox play, but the series was unfortunately short-lived.


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