Who is Bahar Özmen?

Who is Bahar Özmen and where is he From? How old is he and is he married? What is his sign?

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Bahar Özmen was born in 1990, is a scorpion and is an immigrant from Thessaloniki.
He studied high school at Erenköy Işık high school and graduated from Bahçeşehir University's Department of film and TV.
He worked with Burcu Esmersoy on NTV's Summer Night program and Yekta Kopan on the day and night program and then moved on to CNN Turk.
He then switched to Country TV and presented 30 episodes of business news and served as a presenter for 6 months.
Later, Ayşe Gürzap directed Kanaltürk to develop himself there thoroughly.
Bahar Özmen is now the presenter of the program aksat vaymak which aired on 360 tv.

Detailed Information About Bahar Özmen

In an interview, he stated that even when he was very young, he had the idea of being on screens and preparing to be a news presenter.
He said that he followed Mehmet Ali Birand with interest, and that he followed the agenda and explored the political history of Turkey.
When he was at Erenköy Işık high school, he switched from there to reading gastronomy with equal weight.
He then won the Okan University gastronomy aptitude test with a hundred percent scholarship.
When the results of the University were announced, he won Bahçeşehir University with a 50 percent scholarship and continued his education on film and Tv.
German is English as a foreign language and at the beginning level.
He has stated that he owes his behind-the-screen training to the school and his front-of-screen to the dialogue and his team.
The channel presented what is there and what is there on Turkish screens, and today it offers the program called Let's compete for purpose, which is broadcast on 360 TV.
The famous presenter, who is a strict Galatasaray fan, is married.
He stated that he wanted to present the match and that he liked the female announcers Shirin Payzın and Nevşin Mengü.
He also added that he appreciated Fatih Orangal very much and wanted to work with him.


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