Who is Ayhan Taş? Biography

Where is Ayhan Taş originally from and how old is she? To date, which Theatre has he acted in series and films? All the information he was curious about…

Actress Ayhan Taş was born in Adana on 25 June 1971 and is from Adana. He's a crab. He is 1.74 tall and 72 pounds.

He is the father of a daughter.He completed his primary and secondary education in Adana. He started his professional career with poetry and then continued with theatre.
He worked as radio programming and presenter and Poetry Society coach at Edirne Dost FM.

He started his professional career in theatre in 1997. He has directed and acted in Melih Cevdet's play Insiders in the Quest Theatre Ensemble.
In 1998, he started his higher education at the Theatre Department of Ankara University, Faculty of language, history and geography.
In 1999, Prof Dr. Under the leadership of Sevinç Sokullu, drama began to work.
In 2001, they first continued their drama studies and then founded The Armageddon-I Cümbüş theatre group together with Yiğit Ari and 4 friends who had been friends for years. At the same time, he also worked in theatre for students at Batıkent high school in Ankara.

The artist was the name that brought theatre sport to Turkey and
he won the acclaim of all the people with his performances. Hayalhane organized demonstrations in Istanbul.

It was the name that brought the Improv Theater to the screens with its television program, the instant image Show, which aired on FOX TV.

His most memorable project recently, he played the character of Sezai, an auto mechanic, in the series Sister share and gained great acclaim from the audience.

There are many films, series and theaters featuring Ayhan Taş. The player who can adapt to any role plays all the roles with great success.
Some of the films starring Ayhan Taş, who almost lives the role he plays;

He has acted in Turkish comedy films such as construction 2, Wedding cow, wedding Association 1, wedding Dernek2, Sunday Bazaar, Çetin Walnut 2, Father of fathers, a father Turkey and Bayram Abi.

The projects he usually takes part in together with Ahmet Kural and Murat Cemcir are well liked by the audience.

He also recently appeared as an actor in the series Gorbi, which aired on Fox play.


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