Who Is Anil Çelik? Bay Yanlis Emre

Anıl Çelik Kimdir Nereli

Who is Anil Çelik, who portrays the character Emre Eren in the TV series Mr. false, which aired on FOX screens, and how old is he? What is his sign, height and weight? What are the theatres, serials and films he has played so far? Does he have an Instagram account? Full details in our biography article…

Who Is Anil Çelik And Where Is He From?

Anil Çelik, born in Ankara in 1987, is originally from Ankara.

When the famous actor was little, his parents often went to the opera and theatre on weekends. His interest in acting began around this time.

After finishing high school, she gained the law department, but she chose to use her dreams and went to the Acting Department of Beykent University.

She trained at Ankara Art Theatre until the age of 19 and has been acting in front of the camera since 2005.

Anil Çelik Serials And Films

Anıl Çelik Dizileri

When she was 17-18 years old, Fifth Dimension, back alleys, Selena made her debut in series acting after Anil Çelik, but the first series that increased her popularity was the smell of strawberries.

After this series in 2018 – 2019, when he played the character Cey Cey in the series Erkenci Kuş, he became a name known to almost all of Turkey.

The famous name also engaged in Film production, today, Fox TV screens aired Mr. Wrong series Emre Eren gives life to the character.

What is Anil steel height and weight? Does He Have An Instagram Account?

Let's also give the classic information that is curious to be an actor.

Anil Çelik has 447 thousand followers on his official Instagram account at the time this article was prepared.

Tümay works with Özokur agency. He is 1.70 tall and 67 pounds.

Anıl Çelik Instagram


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