New Turkish Series 2020

What new series will start? In this article we will talk about the 8 series that will start soon. Which series will start in the 2020 season? Player rosters and information about when to start…

If you wish, you can also learn about these sequences via video on our YouTube channel.
The unfinished circle of love turkish series. Our New Turkish Series 2020 Video

New Series 2020

İyi Günde Kötü Günde

Produced by O3 Media and directed by Barış Erçetin will be on Star TV screens in September.
Written by Pelin Karamehmetoğlu and Aksel Bonfil, the cast of the series includes Seda Bakan, Senay Gurler, Narcis Kumbasar,
There are names like Osman Alkaş and Derya Kapabora. New names are expected to be included in the series in the coming days.


Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated series of the season, Breakdown series producer O3 Media and director is in the chair Recai Karagöz.
The cast of the series written by Ozan Aksungur is quite crowded. Cast: Tolga Sarıtaş, Ayça Ayşin Turan, Yeşim Salkım and
It features important players such as Dilara Aksuyek. The series, whose casting has largely been completed, will be on Show TV in September.


Akıncı TV series, directed by Veli Çelik, produced by NTC Media, written by Hakan Kandal
it will be released to viewers on ATV screens in September. Players such as Şükrü Özyıldız, Yıldıray Şahinler, Ayça Erturan, Deren Talu and Tolga Tekin are among the cast members of the current series.

Menajerimi Ara

The Turkish name of the series adapted from the series Call my Agent has not been finalized yet, but it was announced by the code name call my manager.
The series, produced by Moon Productions, will air on Star Tv screens in September. The screenwriter of the series is Yelda Eroğlu and the director is Ali Bilgin.

There are names such as Barış Falay, Canan Ergüder, Fatih Artman, Ahsen Eroğlu, Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu in the cast of the series, which is described behind the scenes of the entertainment world by taking a manager company to the center, but due to the special features of the series, there will be different surprise names in each episode.

Aile Şirketi

Produced by 25 films, directed by Koray Sahin and written by Emrah Kaman and Murat Kaman
The series’ Family Business ' will be seen in beIN Connect in September and will last 20 minutes each episode.
The cast of Emrah Kaman and Eslem Akar will include other names in the coming days.

Maria Ve Mustafa

Faruk Teber in the director's chair, the script was written by Birol Elginöz and the cast of the series is still in progress, Jessica May, Hilmicem Intepe, Tamer levent, Alpay Atalan are actors. The series will be released to viewers on ATV in September.

Altın Kod 520

The sequence of the gold Code 520 is a little different from the sequence we've described so far. The series will be posted on Instagram.
The cast includes such names as Pınar Altuğ, Yusuf Güney, Deniz Akel, Emel Muftüoğlu, Berke Uzrek, Ebru Akel, Kayhan Kilbaşoglu, Muzaffer Mekl and Israfil Ince. Our kitchen and Kemal Roar brands sponsored the series. As the subject;

An important secret of Istanbul, which dates back 500 years, is hidden in Cappadocia and the Basilica Cistern, while an attempt will be made to unravel the plot with six different main characters.

Çatı Katı Aşk

Mia Yapım, producer of the penthouse Love series, which will screen on Channel D screens with the slogan “A Sweet Yeşilçam story”.
Barış Yöş is the director of the series, which was written by respected Delibaş and Fethi Kantarcı.
The cast of the series, which is largely completed, includes names such as Furkan Andıç, Ezgi Şenler, Yiğit Kirazcı, Nilay Deniz, Peliz Öztekin.
The romantic comedy series, which will start as a summer series soon, will continue after the ratings will be determined.

If you wish, you can also learn about these sequences via video on our YouTube channel.


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